Early Start of Cross-Regional Water Diversion Project to Be Proposed

Some members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have brought with them specific proposals for the earliest possible launching of the gigantic water diversion project to the coming fourth session of the 9th CPPCC national Committee, said CPPCC session spokesman Qi Huaiyuan.

This demonstrates their concern and support for the key state projects, Qi told a news briefing Friday.

Responding to queries posed by some reporters on the issue, Qi said that CPPCC National Committee members have carried out in-depth investigations and study and come out with a detailed report on the project that will benefit this and future generations.

China's water resources are quite unevenly distributed, with most of the areas in northern China suffering from severe water shortages, Qi said. If the problem is not resolved, it would become a big stumbling block to the national social and economic development.

CPPCC National Committee members put forward many proposals on such large water projects as Gezhouba and Three Gorges in previous sessions, Qi continued. Li Ruihuan, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, once delivered an important speech on issues of water in China.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) proposed last year in the 10th Five-Year Plan for National Social and Economic Development (2001-2005) to start as soon as possible the project of diverting water from southern China to northern China so as ease the water shortages in arid areas there.

CPPCC National Committee members jumped at the idea, deeming it a major policy decision that reflects the desire of the people. Starting from October last year, they began to concentrate efforts on carrying out investigations and study and organize local committee members to conduct on-the-spot surveys.

It would be a project of strategic importance that will promote a sustainable social and economic development and benefit future generations, they said. It would have an inestimable role to play in promoting stability and development and in maintaining long term stability and peace.

It is inevitable to start the project as soon as possible, Qi stressed, adding that China has the experience, technology and financial strength to do so.

(Eastday.com 03/03/2001)