Shanghai to Become An International Metropolis
Treasure Place to Be Better Tapped
Importance of Cultural Preservation Emphasized
Overseas Students Pioneer Parks Need Boost
She Brings Light to Darkness
Tarim Valley Eco-System to Be Restored by 2005
Private Enterprises: Ready or Not for WTO Entry
China Seriously Fulfills Sino-US Agreement on Agriculture
NPC Session Fruitful
Seven Percent Growth Rate Attainable: Economists
NPC Session Ends, Endorsing Blueprint for Five-Year Development
Lawmakers Stress Arrangement for Redundant Workers
Four Elected Members of NPC Standing Committee
College Education Reform Needed
Minimize Negative Impacts Before the Water Project
Henan to Focus on Adjustments for Higher Growth
Premier Zhu Rongji to Address News Conference
People-Centered Socio-Economic Development
Li Peng Joins Yunnan, Sichuan NPC Deputies in Discussions
Lawmakers From Yunnan Call for Building Int'l Passages
Turning Sandy Waste Into Oasis
Scientist Calls for Glacier Protection
Chinese People Have Enhanced Legal Awareness
Lawmakers Urge Greater Efforts to Develop Marine Resources
NPC Annual Session Receives 1,040 Motions
Presidium of NPC Session Holds 3rd Meeting
Enactment of Legal Assistance Law Proposed
More Changes Made in Draft Amendments to Joint Venture Law
Law to Define Rights of Possession
Jiang Stresses Coordinated Social, Economic Development
Wei Jianxing on Safeguarding Social, Political Stability
Will Judicial Work Reports Win High Approval Ratings?
Top Legislator on Strengthening Supervision to Curb Corruption
Measures to Protect Informant's Rights Called for
Chinese Pin High Hopes on Booming IT Industry
NPC Deputy Proposes Ways out for Rural Surplus Labor
No Discrimination Against US Farm Goods: Trade Minister
Minister on Taiwan's WTO Membership
China's Stance on WTO Accession Unchanged
Enactment of Laws Proposed to Support Smaller Enterprises
Stock Market Causes Heated Debate
Anti-Corruption Campaign Remains Hot Topic
CPPCC Urges More Anti-Corruption Work
NPC Presidium Passes Draft of the 10th Five-year Plan
CPPCC Session Adopts Political Resolution
Name List of Newly-Elected Members of CPPCC Standing Committee
Li Ruihuan Addresses Closing Session of Top Advisory Body
CPPCC Annual Session Closes in Beijing
Advisor Calls for Launching "Fertile Soil Project"
Enactment of Law on Safety in Operations Proposed
NPC Deputy Proposes Law Protecting Animal Products
NPC Deputy Proposes Law on Genetically-Engineered Medicines
New Domicile Law Proposed
Annual CPPCC Session to Close Monday Afternoon
Presidium of NPC Session Holds 2nd Meeting
Modernization Dream to Come True
New Approach of Grain Security Catches on
Larger Military Budget Means Higher Pay for Troops
"My Goal Is to Become World's Rabbit King," Says NPC Deputy
Procurator Pledges Fair Law Enforcement
Judicial Justness, Efficiency Top Agenda
Prevention First -- Key to Water Source Protection
NPC Deputy on China's Socialist Legal System
NPC Deputies Urge to Step up Development of Marine Resources
CPPCC Members on China's Five-Year Plan
CPPCC Members Call for WTO-Oriented Reforms
CPPCC Member Proposes Intensified Cooperation Among Macao, HK, Zhuhai, Shenzhen
CPPCC Standing Committee Convenes 13th Meeting
NPC Deputy Proposes East-West Disparity Monitoring System
NPC to Step up Role as Overseer
CPPCC Members Vow to Battle Separatists
CPPCC Members Propose for an Early Experiment With Stock Index Futures
Amendment Promises More Leeway for Firms
Private Businesses to Garner More Support
SOEs Lifted out of Difficulty
Anti-Corruption Campaign Remains a Hot Topic
Enactment of State Civil Servant Law Proposed
Faster Development of Wind Power Resources Urged
Law Makers Hear Reports by Supreme Court, Supreme Procuratorate
Top Judge, Prosecutor on Fight Against Judicial Corruption
Top Judge, Prosecutor Pledge Better Judicial Services
Procurator-General on Battle Against Corruption
Judicial Work Fruitful in 2000: Top Judge
PLA Urged to Accelerate Defense Modernization
China Seeks to Tackle Corruption From Roots: Official
Experts Call for China, ROK, Japan Cooperation in Sandstorm Control
College Graduates Urged to Pioneer New Undertakings
NPC Deputies Appeal for Enacting Law on Sand Prevention, Control
CPPCC Members Appreciative of Leaders' Democratic Style
Amendments to Law on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures submitted to NPC
NPC Chairman on Legislation Work in 2000
Top Legislator Reports on NPC Standing Committee Work
Nation to Handle GM Tech Carefully
Create a New Environment for Non-State Economies
Globalization Great Chance for China
President Attends Panels Discussions With Lawmakers
Hu Jintao, Li Lanqing Join NPC Group Discussions
Qian Reiterates One-China Principle for Cross-Straits Dialog
Tibet Enjoying Stable Political Situation
Woman Lawmaker Condemns Family Violence, Extramarital Affairs
CPPCC Session Receives 3,384 Proposals
CPPCC Members Voice Full Support for Beijing's Bid to Host Olympic Games
CPPCC Nat'l Committee Session Holds 3rd Plenum
CPPCC Members Stress Sustainable Development in West China Development Drive
CPPCC Member Calls for More Private Investment in Higher Education
Central Government Satisfactory at Work of HKSAR Government
Premier Foresees More Stable, Prosperous Macao
SOEs Reform, Long Way Ahead
Top Leaders Join Panel Discussions
West Hopes Projects to Spur Development
Cutting Down Farmers' Financial Load
Gov't Pays Attention to Ecology Concerns
Generals Pledge Loyalty to Communist Party
Jiang Stresses Importance of Agriculture
Make Economic Plans According to Local Realities: Li Peng
Meet Focuses on Rural Co-operatives
Putting the Law in Lotteries
China to Take Bigger Steps in West Development
China Is Technically, Financially Able to Build Qinghai-Tibet Railway: Official
CPPCC Chairman Calls for Efforts to Solve Problems of People
CPPCC National Committee Session Holds 2nd Plenum
Officials on China's Water Diversion Project
Premier Talks With NPC Deputies on Rural Issues
Drawing Blueprints for Guangxi’ Economic Taking Off
CPPCC Member Concerned With Medicine Prices
China Moves to End Water Crisis
"Birds, Don't Fly Away!" NPC Deputy
Farmers’ Income Top on Guangxi Government Agenda
West-to-East Electricity Project Beneficial
Woman: "Being A Lawmaker Is No Longer A Mere Honor"
Tibetan NPC Deputies Hail Construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
President Jiang Stresses Economic Restructuring
Premier Urges Hard Work to Achieve New 5-Year Plan Goals
Hu Jintao, Li Lanqing Join in Discussions at NPC, CPPCC Sessions
China's Defense Budget Rise Has No Link With NMD
Chinese FM on China's Role in World Affairs
Macao Newspapers Hail NPC, CPPCC Sessions
Foreign Minister on Diplomatic Work
Proactive Fiscal Policy Successful: Xiang Huaicheng
Chinese Economy Takes Turn for Significant Improvement
Ninth NPC Fourth Session Convenes Second Meeting
Development -- Main Theme of New Millennium Gathering
Reunification: A Historical Trend
Jiang Meets Deputies and Members From HK, Macao
Jiang Meets Tung Chee Hwa
Jiang Meets Macao Chief Executive
Hu Stresses Stability, Development in Tibet
NPC Deputies, CPPCC Members Interpret New Five-Year Plan
CPPCC Members Hail Planned Water Diversion Project
Economic Development Important for China's Reunification
Taiwan NPC Deputies Hail Premier's Remarks on Reunification
Premier on 10th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development (II)
Premier on 10th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development(I)
NPC Session Opens
Deputies to Discuss Five-Year Plan
President Jiang Stresses Importance of Non-State-Owned Sector
President Jiang on Educational, Health Care Reforms
China to Speed Up Enacting Science, Technology Law, Li Peng
Senior Chinese Leaders Join CPPCC Panel Discussions
NPC Deputy From Ethnic Minority Group Cares Schooling for Girls
NPC Spokesman on Statement Concerning Covenant on Human Rights
China Nearly Completes Amending of Administrative Rules According to WTO Rules
China Opposes "Confederation" System in Solving Taiwan Issue
NPC Spokesman on Falun Gong Activities in HK
Preparatory Meeting of NPC Session Held in Beijing
Banquet in Honor of HK, Macao SAR CPPCC Members
Ethnic Minorities Biggest Beneficiaries of West China Development
CPPCC Vows to Offer Ideas for China's Development
CPPCC Session Opens
CPPCC Annual Session to Open Saturday Afternoon
Over 2,300 Journalists to Cover NPC, CPPCC Sessions
CPPCC Annual Session to Concentrate on Discussing Five-Year Plan
Economy Focus of CPPCC Session
NPC Deputies & CPPCC Members Shoulder Heavy Responsibilities
NPC Deputies, CPPCC Members From Macao, Hong Kong Arrive in Beijing
Legislators Approve Covenant on Rights
New Ministers Appointed
Chinese Legislature Convenes A 3-day Session
CPPCC National Committee Session to Open March 3
CPPCC Offers Proposals for Government Plan
Reporters Invited to Cover Upcoming NPC, CPPCC Sessions