IX. Continuing to Implement the Strategy of Sustainable Development

We need to better coordinate the development of population, resources and the environment, and place more emphasis on the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development.

Adhering to the basic state policy on family planning. We must work hard to sustain the low birth rate and improve prenatal and postnatal care. We need to devote more effort to the management of family planning in rural areas and among the floating population. We should establish awards for family planning and continue to hold leaders of local Party and government organizations responsible for work in this regard. Legislation on population and family planning must be accelerated. We need to expand care for senior citizens.

Protecting natural resources and using them properly. We need to protect and make proper use of valuable resources such as fresh water, farmland and energy in accordance with the law. We must gradually establish a system of reserves for strategically important mineral resources and ensure their safe supply. We need to strengthen the comprehensive development, utilization and conservation of marine resources. We need to increase our recycling of resources in order to utilize our resources more effectively. We need to improve the system of paying compensation for the use of natural resources. We must safeguard the rights and interests of the state as the owner of mineral and other resources. We must improve laws and regulations in this regard, and strengthen law enforcement.

Improving ecological conservation and strengthening environmental protection. Greater efforts need to be exerted to complete projects to protect natural forests, such as those along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River. We need to intensify work on the Northeast, North and Northwest China Shelter Forest Projects and similar projects on the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze. We need to step up our efforts to prevent the karst from becoming stony desert. No time can be lost in bringing under control the sources of sand storms affecting the area around Beijing and Tianjin. We need to continue our efforts to control and treat water pollution in important river valleys, regions and sea areas. We need to treat pollution in large and medium cities with the aim of noticeably improving the quality of the environment there. We also need to pay due attention to prevention and control of environmental pollution in rural areas, especially chemical pollution in agricultural production. We need to improve environmental, meteorological and seismological monitoring to help prevention and reduction of natural disasters.