Enactment of State Civil Servant Law Proposed

A lawmaker has submitted a motion to the National People’s Congress, calling for the enactment of the State Civil Servant Law at an early date.

Zhang Xiaoshu, a NPC deputy and director of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Department of Personnel, said that state civil servants serve as the principle part of exercising administration according to law, and a high-tier force of state management.

“Building a contingent of quality, competent and honest civil servants is a requirement posed by the state for better management,” he said.

The state civil servant system has been introduced across the country since the Provisional Regulations on State Civil Servants were promulgated eight years ago.

He called for work to modify and improve the Provisional Regulations on State Civil Servants in order to turn it into a law as soon as possible.

“Through legislation government offices can exercise administration according to law more effectively, and improve their work efficiency,” he said.

(Xinhua 03/10/2001)