Measures to Protect Informant's Rights Called for

A lawmaker has asked the National People's Congress (NPC) to formulate laws and regulations to protect informants legitimate rights and interests and effectively guarantee their personal safety.

He Peisong, a NPC deputy and an official with the Guangxi Artistic Creation Center, asked the society to extend support to informants.

“It is also very necessary for the state to define reward standards for informants,” he added.

Providing information to judicial departments is a “sacred democratic right” granted by laws to every citizen, and serves as an effective means to crack down on corruption and expose crimes, he noted.

Economic offence and various types of crimes have been on the increase with the success in reforms, opening-up and economic construction.

Hence providing information has also become a major measure to reinforce the legal system and severely penalize corrupt officials and criminals, he said.

(People’s Daily 03/14/2001)