Battle Against Fake Products Stressed

From inferior clothes to jerry built constructions, people have suffered much from fakes. During the annual session of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee which was held in Beijing between March 3-12, CPPCC member Zhang Tongmeng called for a nationwide battle against fake goods.

Zhang said that the fakes exist almost everywhere. In medical field, for example, fake and low-quality equipment, medicine and even some “doctors” are seen in some hospitals. In daily life, some food is not only below standard, but also poisonous, such as the rice contaminated by paraffin. In agriculture, fake seeds, fertilizers and pesticides have cost much on output for many areas.

Fake products have caused much chaos, but why they are still there?

In many places, the market is in disorder. By bribing a purchasing agent, fake products find an easy entry into market. Local protectionism has also facilitated their marketing. In some areas, local governments tolerate fake goods in the name of developing local economy and improving people’s life.

Meanwhile, laws related to fake products are weak, and the work of quality control departments is less desirable.

To deepen the battle against fake products, the quality control system must be enforced. Commodities sold must have certificates of quality approval. Once a fake product is found, both producer and seller shall hold responsibility.

Laws should be made for tougher punishment for producers and sellers of fake products. At the same time, those who report on fakes should be rewarded.

Above all, a powerful administration should be set up to ensure an orderly market operation.

(CIIC by Yang Ling 03/15/2001)