National People's Congress
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Chinese Democracy:
A Graphic Display
Deputies in Brief
Meeting Agenda
The Ninth National People's Congress began from March 5, 2002.
The CPPCC began at the Great Hall of the People from March 3, 2002.
Chinese Premier Meets the Press
China's Policy on Taiwan Remains Unchanged: Premier Zhu
Premier Zhu: Promises "Basically Fulfilled"
Income Gap to Be Narrowed: Premier
Hong Kong to Remain Firm as Regional Financial Center: Premier
Premier Rules Out Risk of Increased Deficits
Sino-Russian Trade Volume to Double in Two or Three Years: Chinese Premier
Zhu "Proud" of Unprecedented Rapid Development of Chinese Economy
Seven Percent Growth Target Within Reach: Premier Zhu
WTO Entry to Help Expand Cross-Straits Ties
China Opposes Abuse of Anti-dumping: Trade Minister
China Honors Promise to WTO in Making Rules
China to Be Actively Involved in New Round of WTO Talks
China Ready to Participate in Globalization: Trade Minister
China Retains Right to Sue US Over Increased Steel Tariff
China Sets Record in Using Overseas Investment
China Expected to Absorb US$45-50 Billion of Foreign Fund in 2002
PBOC Approves Two Representative Offices of Taiwan Banks
Conditions Not Ripe for RMB's Total Convertibility
China to Continue Prudent Monetary Policy
Central Bank Pledges More Loans, Flexible Policy for Farmers
SOEs Performs Much Better in 2001
China to Open Wider to The Outside
Govement Focus to Shift From SOEs to All Enterprises
China Successful in Correcting and Standardizing Market Economic Order
China to Upgrade Agriculture Facing WTO Challenges
Taiwan Issue Remains Core of Sino-US Relations
Chinese FM Expects Progress in Sino-US Arms Control Talks
FM Urges US to Contribute to Peace, Development in Asia
Pakistan, India Urged to Resolve Disputes by Peaceful, Political Means
International Forums Improper for Cross-Straits Matters
China's Interests in Exclusive Economic Zone Should Be Respected
SCO a Conductive Anti-terror Force, Jiang to Attend Its Summit in June
China, India Share More Common Grounds Than Differences
Chinese FM: China Will Remain a Peaceful Force in 2002
Peace, Development Remain Major Themes
Mechanism to Close Economic Ties Between HK and Mainland Launched
Top Legislature to Enact, Revise More laws: Spokesman
Spokesman on CPPCC Session Agenda, Taiwan Issue

Congress in Session

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