National People's Congress
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Chinese Democracy:
A Graphic Display
Deputies in Brief
Meeting Agenda
The Ninth National People's Congress began from March 5, 2002.
The CPPCC began at the Great Hall of the People from March 3, 2002.
West-east Gas Pipeline Project to Benefit Xinjiang, Deputy Says
Deputy Urges More Action Against AIDS
Top Legislature to Work on First Civil Code
Real WTO Challenges for China Will Be Cultural, Economics Professor Says
Traffic Congestion in Beijing: What to Do?
China Business Group Urges Updating of Laws
Congress Gets Proposal on Regulating Hidden Cameras
Milk Sector Advised to Upgrade in Face of Expected Rise in Imports
Formulation of Anti-excessive Profit Law Urged
Unified Legal Framework Vital
TV Stations Urged to Consider National Interests in Opening Columns
Agro-environmental Protection Law Proposed
Military Calls for Laws on Terrorism, Wartime Maritime Capture
China on the Alert Against Entry of Foreign Garbage
Lawmakers Call for Guard Against Possible Yangtze Flooding
Chinese Legislator Warns of Pollution of Water Diverted from Yangtze River
Artist Aiming to Promote Chinese Paintings
Lawmaker Proposes Extension of Public Holidays
WB Urged to Aid Poverty Relief Projects in Western China
Skilled Workers Should Become Popular: Lawmaker
Progress Report Heard at CPPCC on Private Enterprises
Legislators Propose Law on Western Development
China's System of Extended Holidays Debated
CPPCC Member Urges Better Protection of Teenagers Studying Abroad
Concerted Efforts Urged to Ensure "Green" Olympics in Beijing
Red-crested Crane Should Be Designated as National Bird: Lawmakers
Formulation of Wage Law Called for
NPC Deputy Suggests Law on Recycling Wastes
NPC Deputy Suggests SCO Expo in Xinjiang
Movie and TV Stars Should Be Banned from Pharmaceutical Advertisement
China Needs Law on Recycling Used Electrical Appliances
Hong Kong Professionals Should Be Selected to Serve Inland Areas as Civil Servant
CPPCC Member Suggests to Attract Professionals to Western China
First National Ecological Survey Proposed
Major Outlet to Sea for Southwest China
CPPCC Member Calls for Wetland Law
Lawmakers, Advisors Care for the Poor
NPC Deputies Pressing Intensified Pollution Control at Three Gorges Project
Senior Advisors Stress Importance of Manufacturing
Equal Rights for Children of Migrant Workers, Says CPPCC Member
Major Outlet to Sea for Southwest China
Test-tube Baby Technology Should Be Popularized: Doctor
Important North China Lake Endangered, CPPCC Told
CPPCC Members Call for Credit System
China's Top Legislature Should Have More Female Members: Lawmaker
Chinese Scientist Calls for More Research Spending
Advisors Urge for Enhancing IPR Awareness
Non-State-Owned Enterprises Need to Enjoy 'National Treatment'
More Work to Fight Terror
Rights of Women Can't Be Ignored
Legislator Urges New Wool Production Base in South China
More Nuclear Power Plants Proposed
China Intensifies Attack on 'East Turkistan' Terrorists
Insurance Law Should Be Fixed to Meet WTO Challenges: NPC Deputy
China Needs Anti-Terrorism Law: Military NPC Deputy
Proposal Made to Honor "China's Shakespeare" at 2008 Olympics
Enhanced Feasibility Study of Major Engineering Projects Called
CPPCC Member Calls for Law to Curb Family Violence
NPC Deputies Call for Harnessing Largest Freshwater Lake
CPPCC Members Submit 347 Proposals

Congress in Session

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