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The Ninth National People's Congress begined from March 5, 2002.
The CPPCC begined at the Great Hall of the People from March 3, 2002.
Premier on Sustainable Development Strategy
Premier Zhu Rongji Tuesday highlighted the importance to implement the strategy of sustainable development in the Report on the Work of the Government he delivered at the opening of the annual session of the National People's Congress.

Zhu stressed that it is a must to adhere to the basic state policy on family planning and implement the Population and Family Planning Law. The government will pay particular attention to improving family planning work in rural areas and among the floating population, keep the birth rate low, and provide good prenatal and postnatal care.

The government will conscientiously implement the programs for the development of work concerning women and children and protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and minors, while taking better care of the aged.

Programs to help the physically and mentally challenged deserve the concern and support by the government, he stressed.

The premier said efforts will be made to protect and rationally use land, mineral resources, fresh water, marine resources, forests, pastures and climatic resources in accordance with the law; implement a system of rigorous management of arable and forest land; and focus on saving water and energy.

China will utilize natural resources more effectively and improve the system of compensation for their use, and continue to put more money in environmental protection, he said.

Efforts to protect the ecological environment and to prevent and control pollution will be intensified, said the premier. The construction of key environmental protection and pollution control projects will be accelerated.

Zhu said that the quality of the environment in major river valleys, regions, cities and sea areas will be improved by effectively controlling and reducing the discharge of pollutants there.

China will introduce clean production methods, develop the environmental protection industry, expand ecological demonstration zones, plant more trees and grass, and strengthen the protection of wet land.

A system will be established for protecting the environment and preventing and reducing natural disasters, the premier said.

The government will expand health services and pay special attention to public health and to medical services in rural areas, while exploring various forms of health security in rural areas and improving the medical conditions of rural hospitals.

Vigorous efforts will be made to prevent and treat major diseases, including contagious and endemic diseases, develop a nationwide fitness program and raise the competitiveness of athletes, he said.

Good preparations will be made for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 to promote reform, opening up and the modernization drive in the capital, the premier said.

(Xinhua News Agency March 5, 2002)

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