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The Ninth National People's Congress begined from March 5, 2002.
The CPPCC begined at the Great Hall of the People from March 3, 2002.
Task to crack down on Illegal Publications Remains Arduous
The task to crack down on pornographic and illegal publications remains arduous and requires a long time of efforts, according to a senior government official.

Gui Xiaofeng, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration, said that since 1989 China has scored great results in cracking down on pornographic and illegal publications.

Preliminary statistics show that since 1989 the Chinese government has confiscated 100 million copies of illegal books and magazines, 280 million illegal CD’s and VCDs, 13 million pornographic publications, shut down 3,000 laser studios and nine factories producing pornographic and pirated CDs and VCDs.

Gui, also a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's top advisory body, said that also since 1989, governments at all levels have closed down 127 illegal CD production lines with a combined annual production capacity of over one billion CD's.

He proposed that a unified law-enforcement to oversee the publication market be instituted.

He said, “Cracking down on pornographic and illegal publications is a long-term and complicated task and a social system project involving all sectors.

He asked neighborhood committees and communities in urban areas and townships and towns in rural areas to play a major role in fulfilling this task.

(Xinhua News Agency March 11, 2002)

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