China's first lunar satellite blasts off on Oct 24. The satellite, named "Chang'e" after the legendary Chinese goddess, will orbit the moon for a year.
1st lunar probe enters moon's orbit
Lunar probe first step in deep space mission
Chang'e-1 to meet moon eclipse today
China's first lunar probing satellite, Chang'e-1, will be put to test Thursday morning when the Earth eclipses the Sun and blocks the supply of solar energy.
- Chang'e I survives its darkest hour
- Chang'e-1 adjusts orbit to shun moon eclipse
- Think tank of China's first lunar exploration program
- 14 babies named Chang'e
- Space scientists foresee arduous future tasks
- China joins nations with capability of deep space exploration
- President pledges peaceful use of outer space
- Grand ceremony celebrates success of Chang'e-1
- Chang'e-1 photographs dark side of the moon
- New moon photos taken by Chang'e-1 released
- China will soon have its own moon globe
- 1st Mars probe to blast off in 2009
- China to launch Chang'e-1 duplicate in 2009
- Commemorative coins for Chang'e-1 issued
- Moon probe project exhibition
- Blackout to test power supply of Chang'e I
- China to publish whole lunar 3D image in January
- Chang'e I begins its exploration work
One step closer to moon
[Audio clips] Chinese music to be played in outer space
China's Satellite Launch Centers
China's Second Manned Space Program
China's First Manned Space Flight
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