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China's First Astronaut Crowned "Space Hero"
China's first astronaut Yang Liwei was conferred the title of "Space Hero" on Friday at a high-profile rally celebrating the country's first manned space flight.

The Shenzhou Spacecraft ********

· Orbital Module of Shenzhou V Successfully Completes Its Space Flight
· Coins Marking First Manned Spaceflight Issued
· Shenzhou Spacecraft Goes on Display in Beijing
· Experts Honored for Contribution to Manned Space
· Shenzhou VI Likely to Carry 2 Astronauts: Chief Designer
· Delegation of China's Manned Space Mission Ends Macao Visit
· Macao's Fever for China's First Astronaut Propels Donations to Space Tech
· HK, Macao Contribute to Mainland Space Development
· Number of Astronauts on Shenzhou-6 Undecided
· China Hopes to Have Own Space Station Within 10 Years
Astronauts in Focus ********

· Space Hero Yang Liwei Receives Doctorate Degree in HK
· UN Chief Meets with Chinese Astronaut
· China to Name Asteroid After Astronaut Yang Liwei
· Yang Liwei's Training Spacesuit on Display in HK
· Yang Liwei Made a New Model for Military
· Astronaut Yang Tries to Protect His Image
· Yang Liwei's Space Mission Online for Moral Education
· Asian-Pacific Astronautic Exhibition in Zhengzhou
· Astronaut Team Awarded 'Heroic Astronaut Team'
· Taikonaut Sends Thanks to Hong Kong
The Launch ********

· Young Space Elite Emerges from Manned Space Program: Experts
· Solar Panels -- Power Station for Shenzhou
· China's 'Long March' Carrier Rockets
· Search for Rocket's 'Black Box" Under Way
· Shenzhou V Carrier Rocket Adopts 55 New Technologies
· 13 Monitoring Stations to Ensure Successful Manned Spaceflight
· Expert Envisions Improvements on China's Carrier Rockets
· China to Develop SSTO Carrier for Repeated Use
· Long-March Rocket Technology Meets International Standards
· China Develops New Generation of Large Carrier Rocket
More Explorations in Space ********

· China Hopes to Have Own Space Station Within 10 Years
· China to Launch Moon Probing Satellite in 3 to 5 Years
· Eyes on the Skies
· China to Develop Space Lab, Space Station: Official
· China's Spaceflight Monitoring Network Ranks Among World Best
· Development of International Manned Spaceflight
· Space Technology Development for Peaceful Purposes: FM
· China Looks to Launch Moon Probe in Three Years
· China Joins EU Space Program to Break US GPS Monopoly
· China Develops First Solid-fuel Launch Vehicle

· Chronology of Space Program
· Satellite Launch Centers
· Space Industry of China
· Four Unmanned Spaceflights

Yang Liwei gets a warm welcome from 150 students from Taiwan at the China Space Center on February 7, 2004
The Shenzhou V capsule attracts a flock of visitors at the Fifth Shanghai International Industry Fair
Hong Kong Greets Taikonaut
Exhibition Triggers Space Fever

· China National Space Administration
· Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology
· China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
· China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
· China's Space Activities

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