Wang Jinshan

Secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, Governor of Anhui Province

Wang Jinshan, a native from Gongzhuling City in Jilin Province, was born in February 1945. He graduated from Siping Teacher's School in 1968 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1971.

Wang successively served as deputy director of the Agriculture Department of Gongzhuling City, deputy secretary of the CPC Lishu County Committee, vice governor of Jilin Province, deputy secretary and secretary of the CPC Baicheng Prefectural Committee, commissioner of the Baicheng Prefecture, deputy chief and chief of the Organization Department for the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, and standing committee member of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee.

He held the post of deputy secretary to the fifth CPC Jilin Provincial Committee in 1992. In April 1993, he served as deputy secretary for the sixth CPC Jilin Provincial Committee.

In August 1996, he served as deputy secretary for CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. He later served as secretary of the Party Group for the All-China Federation and Supply and Marketing Co-operative.

In October 2002, he served as vice governor and acting governor of Anhui Province. In January 2003, he was elected as governor of Anhui at the first session of the tenth Anhui People's Congress.

In December 2007, he was promoted to be secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee.

Wang was alternate member of the 15th CPC Central Committee and is currently serving as a member of the 16th CPC Central Committee.

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