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The anti-Fascist war between the 1930s and 1940s was the first just war of a global scale in human history. It ended in the Axis' unconditional surrender in 1945, 60 years ago. Over 2 billion people in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (exceeding four-fifths of the world population at that time) were involved in the war. People who had experienced that unheard-of calamity will never forget those days when flames of battle raged everywhere.
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Allied Against Adversity
- Agnes Smedley – A Passionate Warrior with No Compromise
- Israel Epstein – Taking Root in Chinese Soil
- Anna Louise Strong – a Sincere Friend of the Chinese People
- Norman Bethune – A Great International Humanitarian
- D K. Kotnis – Saving Lives Until the Very End
- Hans Shippe – Yimeng Sacrifice
- Rewi Alley – Founder of the Industrial Cooperative
- George Hatem – The First Foreign Citizen
- G. Kulishenko – An Amazing Hawk
- Michael Lindsay – Telecommunications Pioneer of the Eighth Route Army
The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders
The Memorial Hall of China's War of Resistance Against Japan
30th Anniversary of Normalization of Sino-Japanese Ties
63th Anniversary of Nanjing Massacre
Yasukuni Shrine

- Shrine Visit Cause of Sour China-Japan Ties - Japan Urged to Properly Handle Yasukuni Shrine Issue
- Sino-Japanese Leaders' Meeting Impossible in Summits - Shrine-visits Hurt Sino-Japanese Ties: Ambassador
- Japan Minister's Remarks on War Shrine Criticized - Japanese PM's Shrine Visit Causes Grave Consequence
- Statement Issued to Condemn Japanese PM's Shrine Visit - Koizumi's Shrine Visit Puts Ties at New Low
- Asia's People Oppose Koizumi's Shrine Visits: FM - Koizumi Urged to Stop Visiting Yasukuni Shrine
- Cabinet Minister, Former PM Visit Shrine - Minister Visits Shrine on Eve of Anniversary
- Koizumi May Not Visit Yasukuni Shrine Around Aug. 15 - Koizumi Dedicates Paper Lantern for Yasukuni Shrine Ritual
- Japan-China Friendship Association Urges Koizumi to Stop Yasukuni Shrine Visit - Koizumi: Yasukuni Issue Not Core of Dispute with S. Korea, China
- Koizumi Urged to Stop Visits to Yasukuni Shrine - Largest Opposition Party Leader Urges Koizumi to Stop Visits to Yasukuni Shrine
- Chinese, S. Koreans Oppose Koizumi's Yasukuni Visits - Ex-PM Urges Koizumi Not to Visit Yasukuni
- Koizumi Says No War Memorial Will Substitute for Yasukuni Shrine - Japanese PM to Seek South Korea Understanding on Yasukuni
- Taiwanese Yasukuni Protest Foiled - Japan: Koizumi Visits Yasukuni as 'Private Citizen'
- Taiwanese Yasukuni Protest Foiled - Koizumi Rejects Asian Demands of Stopping Visit to Yasukuni Shrine
- Yasukuni Refuses to Separate Class-A War Criminals - Former PMs Urge Koizumi to Halt Yasukuni Shrine Visit
- Japan Ruling Party Urges PM to Stop Yasukuni Visit - Japanese Leaders' Yasukuni Shrine Visits Main Problem for Sino-Japanese Ties: Premier
- LDP's Advocation for 'Continuous Yasukuni Shrine Visits' Denounced - China Upset over Japanese Prime Minister's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine
- Koizumi's Second Visit to Yasukuni Shrine: An Anaylysis - NPC Foreign Committee Condemns Koizumi's Visit to Yasukuni Shrine
- Commentary: Koizumi, Rethink Before Going to Yasukuni Shrine - Japanese Leader's Decision to Visit Yasukuni Shrine Puzzling: FM Spokesman
- FM Official on Issue of Yasukuni Shrine - Planned Homage to Yasukuni Shrine Blamed
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