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The anti-Fascist war between the 1930s and 1940s was the first just war of a global scale in human history. It ended in the Axis' unconditional surrender in 1945, 60 years ago. Over 2 billion people in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (exceeding four-fifths of the world population at that time) were involved in the war. People who had experienced that unheard-of calamity will never forget those days when flames of battle raged everywhere.
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Allied Against Adversity
- Agnes Smedley – A Passionate Warrior with No Compromise
- Israel Epstein – Taking Root in Chinese Soil
- Anna Louise Strong – a Sincere Friend of the Chinese People
- Norman Bethune – A Great International Humanitarian
- D K. Kotnis – Saving Lives Until the Very End
- Hans Shippe – Yimeng Sacrifice
- Rewi Alley – Founder of the Industrial Cooperative
- George Hatem – The First Foreign Citizen
- G. Kulishenko – An Amazing Hawk
- Michael Lindsay – Telecommunications Pioneer of the Eighth Route Army
The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders
The Memorial Hall of China's War of Resistance Against Japan
30th Anniversary of Normalization of Sino-Japanese Ties
63th Anniversary of Nanjing Massacre
News Update

- Hero Rabe's House Turned into Museum - Repatriation of Wartime Japanese Emigrants Marked
- Chinese Mourn Death of Nanjing Massacre Diary Author - Historical Materials on Nanjing Massacre Published
- 68th Anniversary of Nanjing Massacre Marked - English Website Launched to Reveal Wartime Atrocities
- Documentary Reveals Truth of Atrocity - Exhibition Shows Japanese Atrocities During WWII
- Japan Urged to Properly Handle Yasukuni Shrine Issue - Shrine-visits Hurt Sino-Japanese Ties: Ambassador
- Japan Minister's Remarks on War Shrine Criticized - Wartime Sex Slaves Lose Appeal
- Japan Struggles to Rid China of WWII Weapons - Massive Arms Dump Found in Changchun
- Jewish Refugee Exhibition Opens in Shanghai - KMT Leader Pays Tribute to Anti-Japanese Heroes
- Evening Party Held in Memory of Anniversary of Taiwan's Recovery - 60th Anniversary of Recovery of Taiwan Marked
- 60th Anniversary of Recovering Taiwan Marked in HK - Exhibition on Taiwanese Resistance Against Japanese Aggression Opens
- Celebrations Mark Liberation of Taiwan - China to Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Taiwan's Return
- Japanese PM's Shrine Visit Causes Grave Consequence - Statement Issued to Condemn Japanese PM's Shrine Visit
- Japan Urged to Speed up Handling Abandoned Chemical Weapons - Celebration of Taiwan Liberation Announced
- Ceremony to Remember People Died in Defending HK - Japanese Cabinet Official to Visit China for WWII Chemical Weapons
- Memorial Hall of Hump Route to Open in Yunnan - Japan to Dispose of WWII Chemical Weapons Buried in NE China
- Protesting Japanese Atrocities in WWII - Protesters Tell Japan to Own up War Crimes
- Sirens Mark Anniversary of Japan Invasion - Former Japanese POWs Show Regret over War Crimes
- Activities to Mark Sept. 18 Incident Held Nationwide - Sirens to Mark Sept. 18 Incident
- Photo Collection on Japanese Aggression Discovered - India Sympathizes with China During WWII
- Taiwan Natives to Condemn Japan's War Crimes at UN Headquarters - Siren to Echo in 100 Cities to Mark '9.18 Incident'
- US WWII Veterans Pay Homage to Aviation Martyrs in Nanjing - Nanjing Remembers Victory over Japan
- Indian Doctor's Selfless Service Remembered - 'Great Wall' at Green Park
- Gathering of War Veterans - WWII Veterans Cherish Peace, Wartime Friendship
- China Retrieves over 40,000 WWII Chemical Weapons - Japanese War Orphans in China
- China Mailbag Uncensored: Wartime Memory of China - Veterans Visit Exhibition Marking 60th Anniversary of Anti-Fascist War Victory
- Remember Those Who Paid Victory's Price - Lien Chan Calls for Right View of History
- Japanese Media Highlight China's War Commemorations - CPPCC Chairman Meets Taiwan Veterans in WWII
- CPC Official Calls for Enhancing Anti-Japanese War Research - CPPCC Chairman Underscores United Front, National Unification
- RCCK Holds Symposium to Mark 60th Anniversary of Victory of War - War Veterans Recall History
- Foreign Friends, Patriots Speak Highly of China's Commemoration of War Victory - Militarism Condemned by War Veterans
- Japan Urged to Face Up to Its War History - WWII Veterans Visit Heilongjiang
- Foreign Friends Remembered at Commemorative Events - Reception Held to Mark Victory of WWII
- Hu, Putin Hail Wartime Friendship - Chinese Veterans Conferred Memorial Medals
- Chinese Public Commemorate War Victory - HK Commemorates Victory of Anti-Japanese War
- Chinese Veterans Conferred Memorial Medals - 60-gun Salute Marks 60th Anniversary of China's WWII Victory
- War Remembered for Peace, Future: Hu - Wreaths Laid to Mark Victory Anniversary
- Party Held to Mark Anti-Japanese War Victory - Peace Monument Unveiled in Beijing
- Peace Wall Symbolizes Brighter Tomorrow - US Veterans Recall WWII
- Blood and Tears in Ink and Brush - Grand Reception Held for WWII Veterans
- US Veterans Gather in Beijing to Mark Victory - Ceremony to Be Held to Mark War Anniversary
- Veterans Commemorate Wartime Friendship - Official Lauds KMT Role in Anti-Japan War
- Events to Mark Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan - Hu Hails CPC's Leading Role in Anti-Japanese War
- President Hu Calls for Learning Lessons from War - WWII Veterans to Hail Peace in Beijing
- Memorial Hall to Be Built for Aviators in Anti-Japanese War - Former 'Flying Tigers' Visit Nanjing Memorial Cemetery
- American Veterans Continue Reminiscent Journey - Much to be Learned From Nanjing Massacre Exhibition
- Special Gold, Silver Coins to War Memorial - Legal Aid For War Victims
- Fighting Under the Same Army Flag - Keeping Memories Alive
- US Awards Three Chinese for Helping WWII POWs - WWII Veteran's Reminiscent Journey Back to China
- Worker Seeks Evidence in Japan over Its War Criminal Past - Fund Established for War Compensation Claims
- US Flying Tiger Veterans Reunite in Yunnan - American WWII Veterans Visit Chongqing
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