The "Snow Dragon" vessel, with a complement of 115 scientists, reporters and crewmen on board, started China's second scientific expedition to the North Pole from Dalian Port in northeast China on July 15, 2003.
China's first Arctic exploration station was set up by Chinese Arctic Exploration Team in Longyearbyen, the northernmost city in the world at 5:11 (Beijing time) in the morning of July 30.
China and Norway enhance cooperation on Arctic academic research
Second Arctic Expedition Returns
Scientists to Start Expedition to North Pole
Chinese Scientists Warn on Arctic Warming
China Makes Breakthroughs in Arctic
China Launches Second Scientific Expedition to North Pole
Chinese Scientific Survey Team to Leave for North Pole on July 15
North Pole Station Due Soon
Chinese Teenagers to Mount Arctic Expedition
Permanent North Pole Station Planned to Set This Year
Air China to Offer Beijing-New York Flight over North Pole
Snow Algae Discovered on North Pole Glaciers
China Sets up First Station in Longyearbyen for Arctic Exploration
Arctic Expedition Heats up
Chinese Dream of Antarctic Travel Moves Closer
China Steps up Arctic Study
China to Set up First Arctic Research Station
Chinese Explorer Succeeds in Solo Trip to North Pole
Chinese North Pole Adventurer Scares Away Bear
Scientist Plans Solo North Pole Trek
Scientists Reached the Coal Mine in the North Pole
China's First Arctic Research Station Located
China, Norway Sign Agreement on Arctic Academic Cooperation
Chinese Scientists Reach Northernmost Town
China and Norway Work Together on Arctic Study
China to Build Its First Research Station at North Pole
Donations Will Support More Polar Research
Scientists to Explore North Pole
Chinese Airliner Flies Over Arctic

Arctic Research Expedition


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