A translation of Manifesto of the Communist Party was published in Shanghai.
Eighth Route Army soldiers celebrating victory on the Great Wall.
Mao Zedong went to Chongqing to talk with the Kuomintang government.
Private handicraftsmen turned to the socialist path by way of cooperatives.
Workers of the Daqing Oilfield at work.
A village-level organization signing a contract with peasants.
On February 27, 1957, an enlarged Eleventh Session of the Supreme State Conference was convened in Beijing. During the session, Mao Zedong gave a talk -- “On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People”. Mao pointed out that the two types of social contradictions had to be handled correctly so as to mobilize every positive factor to undertake socialist construction. Mao Zedong is shown here speaking at the conference.