Li Dek Su      

Li Dek Su (1943-), native (Korean) of Wangqing, Jilin Province.

Joined CPC, 1965. Graduate of Political Science Department of Yanbian University, 1967.

Served as secretary of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) Wangqing County Committee, Jilin Province, 1973-1975; deputy secretary of CPC Wangqing County Committee, 1975-1978; deputy secretary of CYLC Jilin Provincial Committee, 1978-1982; president of Jilin Provincial Youth Federation; secretary of CPC Longjing County Committee, 1982-1983; CPC secretary and magistrate of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin, 1983-1985; Standing Committee member of CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, 1985-1999.

Vice governor of Jilin Province, 1988; vice minister of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, 1990-1992; president of Chinese Association of Ethnic Minorities for External Exchange, 1992; deputy head of United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee since 1992; elected vice president of China Overseas Friendship Association, 1997.

Alternate member of 12th CPC Central Committee, 1982; member of 13th to 16th CPC Central Committees.

Appointed minister in charge of State Ethnic Affairs Commission in March 1998.

Reappointed minister in charge of State Ethnic Affairs Commission in March 2003.



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