China's Constitution
The full text of China's 1982 Constitution
Previous amendments
1988 1993 1999
China's Legislative System
 China's Judicial System
 China's Political System
 Structure of the State


Major Amendments to the Constitution
Constitutional Amendments Approved
Constitutional Amendment: A Look Through Expert Eyes
Better Protection of Private Property Hailed
NPC Deputies Discuss Property, Human Rights Protection
Constitution Amendments Set to Boost Private Business
China's Constitution to Enshrine 'Social Security' for Fair Cake-cutting
Constitutional Change Marks Ideological Breakthrough
Amendment Paves Way for Emergency Bill
Private Sector: Pillar of Growth
CPPCC Members on Developing Non-public Sector
Constitutional Amendments to Limit Public Power, Protect Individuals' Rights
Chinese, Rich and Poor Alike, All Thumbs up for Constitutional Protection of Private Assets
Lawmakers Begin to Discuss Constitutional Amendment
Human Rights to Be Protected by Constitution
China Moves to Constitutionalize Private Property Protection
Proposed Constitutional Amendments Submitted to Legislatvie Body
Constitution to Be Amended a Fourth Time
Historic Constitutional Amendments Expected
NPC to Consider 27 Law Drafts This Year
Protecting Human Rights Becomes China's Priority
People to Get More Rights
Debate over Property Protection, Human Rights
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