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A Brief History of Ancient Bells
The Age-old Chinese Bell Culture
Casting Demonstration
The Juesheng Si (Temple of Awakening) and Its Historical Vicissitudes
A Chime of Bells Dating Back to the Warring States Period
A Forest of Bells
The Nine-pavilion Bell Garden
Ancient Bells from Foreign Countries
The Ancient Bell Museum with Its Unique Features
The Big Bell Temple Museum is a multi-functional museum specialized in the collection, preservation, exhibition, study and exploitation of ancient bells and catering to the people's growing cultural demands with its peculiar cultural charm. The different exhibitions display the evolution, designs and characteristics of ancient bells, enabling the visitors to understand the uses and making of ancient bells, the connections between man and bells, between bells and religions and between bells and science and technology as well as other cultural connotations.
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· The Bell with Crane Patterns
· The Bell of the Tanzhe Si (Temple of the Pool and the Wild Mulberry)
· The Si Ji Ping An Bells
· The Qianlong Court Bell
· The Buddhist Bell of the Yuan Dynasty
· The Bronze Bell of the Maha Nunnery
· The Bell of the Bailin (Cypress Grove) Temple
· The Bell of the Baoming (Protecting the Ming) Temple
· The Bell of the Maitreya Nunnery
· The Bell of Wei Zhongxian
· The Bronze Bell of the Northern Song Dynasty
· The Bell of Buddhist Images of the Qing Dynasty
· The Bell of the Shanyuan (Good Lot) Nunnery
· The Bell Marking the 3,040th Anniversary of the Founding of Beijing
· The Admonish-the-World Bell
· Friendship Bells from Italy and New Zealand
· The World-famous Yongle Bell
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