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Cultural Venues a Hit During Spring Festival

TV Host Calls for Firecracker Limit During Spring Festival
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Traditional Festivals May Be Made National Holidays
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My Spring Festival:
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This weekend will mark the beginning of Spring Festival, the Chinese lunar New Year. As China-mania spreads across the globe, tell us how your community is celebrating the occasion.

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Lion Dance
Dragon Dance
Walking on Stilts
Spring Couplets
Offerings to the Kitchen God
Red Packets
Fireworks and Firecrackers
The tradition of a "temple fair" (Miao Hui) began as groups of vendors who did business near Buddhist and Taoist temples when many pilgrims came to pay tribute to the gods during traditional festivals.


Temple Fairs Dates Venue Admission
Ditan Temple Fair Feb. 17 -- 24 Ditan Park 10 yuan
Longtan Temple Fair Feb. 16 -- 24  Longtan Lake Park  6 yuan 
Dongyue Temple Fair Feb. 17 -- 24 Dongyue Temple  10 yuan
Baiyunguan Temple Fair Feb. 17 -- 23  Baiyun Taoist Temple  10 yuan   
Changdian Temple Fair  Feb. 18 -- 23  Liulichang Street Free 

The origin of the Chinese New Year Festival can be traced back thousands of years through a continually evolving series of colorful legends and traditions.
· Prelude of Spring Festival
· Congratulations to You
· Hope You Good Fortune
Mài kè: Chūn jié dào le. Zhè shì wǒ zài zhōng guó guò de dì yī gè chūn jié.
Mike:Spring Festival's here. It will be the first time I'm celebrating it in China.
Laba Festival
Little New Year
Lunar New Year's Eve
Lantern Festival
The Laba Festival falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.
Little New Year falls about a week before the lunar New Year.
Lunar New Year's Eve is the last day of the old year.
The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month.
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