Epidemic Reports for China
Chickens, Ducks Back as Bird Flu Suppressed
HK Lifts Ban on Mainland Chilled Poultry Imports
Isolation of Bird-flu Affected Area in Jilin Lifted
Mainland Resumes Poultry Exports to Macao
China Lifts Isolation of 2 Bird-flu-affected Areas
China Lifts Isolation in 5 Bird Flu-affected Areas
Beijing Steps Up Migratory Birds Surveillance
China Urges Enhanced Cooperation in Bird Flu Control
Quarantine of Four Bird Flu-affected Areas Lifted
Macao to Resume Chicken Imports
Two More Bird Flu-affected Areas Removed from Quarantine
China Willing to Cooperate on Bird Flu Control: FAO Official
Six More Bird Flu-affected Areas Out of Isolation in China
China to Set Up Veterinary Authorities, Name Chief Vet
Four Bird Flu Sites Declared Safe
Hong Kong Vendors Protest over Poultry Import Ban
Two Other Areas Freed of Bird Flu Constraints
Mapping of Bird Flu Virus Complete
China, ASEAN to Hold Special Meeting on Bird Flu
New Bird Flu Case Confirmed
Bird Flu Restrictions Eased at First Site
Hubei Works to Wipe Out Bird Flu
Farmers Suspect Migratory Birds Spread the Disease
China Capable of Detecting Bird Flu in Human Beings
Insurance Expansion to Cover Farmers Against Disasters
Bird Flu Comes Under Gradual Control: Official
China Still Wary After Lifting First Bird Flu-Infected Site's Quarantine
Isolation Ends in China's 1st Bird Flu-hit Town
Epidemic Isolation Lifted on Scientific Judgments: Official
Red-Crowned Cranes Protected Against Bird Flu
Largest Freshwater Lake Bans Bird Watching
Isolation Ends in China's 1st Bird Flu-hit Town
Persistent Efforts Urged to Fight Bird Flu
Chinese Farmers Urged Not to Slacken Anti-bird Flu Efforts
Legislator Proposes Introducing Official Veterinarian System
FAO Experts Say China's Bird Flu Prevention 'Appropriate, Professional'
No New Bird Flu; Vaccinations Ongoing
More Bird Flu Outbreaks Confirmed
FAO Expert Praises China's Bird Flu Prevention, Control
China Fights Fake Bird Flu Vaccines
China Imposes Strict Measures on Poultry Transportation via Railways
Beijing Steps Up Control over Wild Birds
Government Shares Costs of Bird Flu
FAO Experts Head for Southern China on Bird Flu Investigations
Bird Flu Hits, Food Revenues Down
Efforts Intensified to Prevent Bird Flu Spread in Tibet
Hong Kong Civil Servants to Get Flu Vaccine
Support Farmers in Fight Against Bird Flu
Northeast China Reports First Bird Flu Case
Watch Out for Migratory Birds to the North
Farmers Doing Their Part in Bird Flu Fight
Two More Suspected Bird Flu Cases Reported
Beijing Stages Mock Exercise to Deal with Bird Flu Outbreak
China Develops RT-PCR Method to Detect Bird Flu Virus in 4 Hours
Beijing Strengthens Bird Flu Prevention
Four More Bird Flu Outbreaks Confirmed
Dead Blue Pheasants in Taiwan Confirmed Hit by Bird Flu Virus
Town Lives Through First Bird Flu Case
Bird Flu Viruses on Chinese Mainland Have Geographic Features: Ministry
Foreign Media Allowed into China's Bird Flu Site
Expert Urges Central Slaughtering Against Avian Flu
Birds Being Monitored to Prevent Spread Of Bird Flu to Beijing
More Bird Flu Outbreaks Confirmed
Plan to Cull All Live Poultry in Hong Kong if Flu Comes
Government Compensation Plans for Shanghai Avian Flu Loss
Hong Kong Exerts Efforts to Maintain Live Chicken Supply
Guangxi Puts Virus in Control
Foreign Media Flock to China's First Bird Flu Site
Guangdong Reports One More Suspected Bird Flu Case
New Measures to Support Poultry Industry
Central Govt. Orders Better Information Disclosure
No Proof that Bird Flu Originates in China: OIE
Beijing Beefs Up Price Checks Against Bird Flu Profiteering
Hong Kong Suspends Poultry Imports from US
Four Hong Kong Sisters Test Positive for Type-A Influenza
Guangdong Readies to Resume Live Poultry Exports to Hong Kong
Guangxi Mobilizes 16,000 Health Workers to Prevent Bird Flu
Efforts Intensified to Prevent Bird Flu Spread by Migratory Birds
Regulations on Financial Management in Bird Flu Control Issued
Nation Bans Wild Fowl Hunting, Trade

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Delegates attend a China-Asean special session on the prevention and treatment of bird flu opened in Beijing on March 2, 2004. Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, also director of China's anti-bird flu headquarters, was present at the meeting. The epidemic has been plaguing many east and southeast Asian countries and has led to the deaths of more than 20 people in Viet Nam and Thailand. [China Daily]

Chinese Mainland
-- Outbreak Situation Updates

1. What is avian influenza? And what is highly pathogenic avian influenza?
2. How long is the incubation period for HPAI? And is it contagious during this period?
3. What are the channels of transmission for bird flu?
4. What are principal clinical manifestations of HPAI? And how do they differ from those of Newcastle disease?
5. What are the epidemiological characteristics of HPAI?
6. Does an outbreak of HPAI correlate with the age, gender and species of poultry?

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