Epidemic Reports for Other Asian Countries
Thailand Reports One More Suspected Human Bird Flu Infection
Japan Confirms Fresh Bird Flu Outbreak
Lab Test Confirms 10th Human Bird Flu Case in Thailand
Fourth Suspected Bird Flu Found in Japan
China Aids Vietnam's Battle Against Bird Flu
China Bans Imports of Poultry Products From Canada
Thai Scientists Sequence 95 Pct of Genome of H5N1 Virus
Bird Flu Emerges in US State of Texas
Two Cats Die from Bird Flu Virus in Thailand
Thai Veterinarian: Cat Found Infected with Bird Flu
Bird Flue Found on Canadian Farm
Vietnam Reports Two More H5N1 Infections
WHO Confirms Vietnam's Latest H5N1 Infection
Bird Flu Suspected in West Japan
Thailand Confirms Dead Leopard Infected by H5N1 Virus
Bird Flu Confirmed in Third US State
8 Thai Provinces Report Bird Flu Resurgence
Vietnam Reports One More H5N1 Infection
No Bird Flu Cases Detected in Malaysia: Veterinary Department
Bird Flu Contained in Some Vietnamese Localities
China Exports Bird Flu Vaccine to Kyrgyzstan
Thailand Confirms 6th Human Bird Flu Infection Case
Bird Flu Found in Live Chicken Markets in US State of New Jersey
WHO: No Bird Flu Human-to-Human Transmission
China Contributes Fund to Thailand to Control Bird Flu
No Bird Flu Passing Between Humans
Foot-and-Mouth Disease May Worsen Bird Flu Situations in Vietnam: Expert
China Assists Vietnam Battling Bird Flu
Laos Slaughters 40,000 Poultry to Control Bird Flu
Eight More Flu Type A Infections, Suspects Reported in Vietnam
China Offers Aid to Help Cambodia in Fighting Bird Flu
WHO Cautions Pakistan Against Avian Influenza
Bird Flu Found on Second Farm in US State of Delaware
Experts Express Alarm at Scale of Bird Flu
Three More Laboratory Confirmed Cases of H5N1 in Vietnam: WHO
One More Person Dies of Bird Flu in Vietnam
One More Vietnamese Tests Positive to H5N1
Asian Nations Slap Import Bans on US Poultry
Bird Flu Found in US State of Delaware
Spain Denies Bird Flu Entering
Chicken Deaths Cause Panic in Central Nepal
Cambodian Woman Suspected of Dying from Bird Flu
Bird Flu Virus Found on Pigs in Vietnam
Two More H5N1 Infections Detected in Vietnam
HK Medical Team to Assist Vietnam in Treatment of Bird Flu
Two More Bird Flu Cases Found in Cambodia
Vietnam Reports More Bird flu-hit Localities
Fifth Patient Dies of Bird Flu in Thailand
Asia Should Change Lifestyle to Avoid Bird Flu: WHO
Two More Provinces in Thailand Report Bird Flu Outbreaks
Indonesia Confirms Avian Influenza Virus as H5N1
Fourth Patient Infected Bird Flu Dies in Thailand
Deaths from Bird flu Reach 12 in Asia
Another Suspected Bird Flu Patient Dies in Thailand
Third Bird Flu Patient Dies in Thailand
Ninth Person Dies from Bird Flu in Vietnam
Over 200,000 Out of Work After Avian Flu Shuts Farms in Thailand
Asia's Battle Against Bird Flu Virus Intensified
Thailand Adds 4 Provinces to Bird Flu Control Zones
EU Suspends Import of Pet Birds from Asia
People Who Die for Eating Well-cooked Chicken Get Compensation: Thai PM
Interview: Bird Flu Crisis Takes Long-term Solution
Regional Officials Meet to Address Bird Flu Crisis
Bird Flu Kills Second Child in Thailand
Indonesia Hit by Bird Flu Outbreak
Thailand Confirms First Bird Flu Death
Thailand Confirms Two Cases of Bird Flu
Cooperation Crucial in Fighting Bird Flu
Vietnam Reports Two More Bird Flu Suspects
Death Toll of Flu Type A in Vietnam Rises to 13
Japan Reports Outbreak of Fast-spreading Bird Flu
Bird Flu Hits Two More Chicken Farms in South Korea


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Delegates attend a China-Asean special session on the prevention and treatment of bird flu opened in Beijing on March 2, 2004. Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, also director of China's anti-bird flu headquarters, was present at the meeting. The epidemic has been plaguing many east and southeast Asian countries and has led to the deaths of more than 20 people in Viet Nam and Thailand. [China Daily]

Chinese Mainland
-- Outbreak Situation Updates

1. What is avian influenza? And what is highly pathogenic avian influenza?
2. How long is the incubation period for HPAI? And is it contagious during this period?
3. What are the channels of transmission for bird flu?
4. What are principal clinical manifestations of HPAI? And how do they differ from those of Newcastle disease?
5. What are the epidemiological characteristics of HPAI?
6. Does an outbreak of HPAI correlate with the age, gender and species of poultry?

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