China Fashion Week Wraps Up
Surrounded by elaborate stage sets and stunning lights, the China Fashion Week Closing Ceremony gala, sponsored by the real estate project U-TOWN, was held at the Beijing Hotel last night with the charm and brilliance of hundreds of celebrities from the vogue, culture, and finance worlds.
China Fashion Week Wraps Up
Asahi KASEI Awards Launched
Sun Xiuqin Showcases Minorities' Costumes
Hosa Lingerie Collection
General Introduction
From only 4 fashion collections in 1997 to over 30 today; from an annual event to the event for two seasons a year (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter); from small participation of local fashion designers and companies to the wide involvement of overseas brands and designers, China Fashion Week has experienced an extraordinary decade. From March 17- 25, over 40 professional activities will be held in Beijing.
Schedule & Events
On March 17, 2007, with the start of the Hempel Awards, the 15th China International Young Fashion Designer Contest, the China Fashion Week Collections A/W 07-08 opening ceremony was launched in the banquet hall of the Beijing Hotel. In the following 9 days, there will be more than 30 famous fashion designers and makeup stylists, over 100 new design talents and 27 fashion brands from 20 countries and regions such as China, France, Germany, Italy, and Korea as well as Hong Kong and Macao displaying 25 collections of haute couture, fashion and makeup, 3 fashion design contests and 2 graduate selected works shows. In addition, 14 press conferences and 9 expert lectures will be part of the over 40 professional activities will not only highlight fashion trends A/W 07-08, but also enhance international exchange and cooperation in the fashion and ready-to-wear industries and promote brand development and competitive power.
Designers' Exhibition
Irene Van Ryb Fashion Collection
Luo Zheng's Haute Couture Collection
Guo Pei's Evening Dress Collection
Michele Miglionico Haute Couture Collection
Sun Xiuqin Minorities' Costumes (2)
Sun Xiuqin Minorities' Costumes (1)
Who's Next- Premiere Classe Fashion Show
Choi Bo Ko Fashion Collection
Wu Brothers' Collection
Chinese Designer Ayou's Collection
Chinese Designer Zeng Fengfei's Collection
Chinese Designer Liu Wei's Collection
The Hempel Awards Unveiled Results
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