Fenghuang, meaning Phoenix in Chinese, is a small town in central China's Hunan Province. Regarded as one of the nation's most charming towns in China, it was first remarked upon by Westerners over half a century ago.

Increasing its allure to visitors is its unchanging original beauty despite the rapid economic development that the region has enjoyed. Although local people, particularly the younger generation, are embracing a modern lifestyle and in keeping with this are providing modern facilities for visitors, Fenghuang's old image as a quiet place far away from the hustle and bustle of industry and commerce endures.

People visiting Fenghuang may find a place to take a rest, lying on a small boat drifting along the river or staying in a local house tasting spicy Hunan food along with green tea. Strolling through the town or driving to surrounding areas, one may sense a journey through time, its old wooden buildings, stone bridges, cobbled lanes and deep-green mountains standing out as testaments to the town's past.
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