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More Explorations in Space  

· Shenzhou VIII to Undertake Space Rendezvous and Docking
· China Plans to Put 3 Men in Space by 2007
· Space Mission Heralds High-tech Boom
· China Not Intended for Space War
· China Develops Lunar Probe
· Hainan May Be Launch Pad for New Generation of Carrier Rockets
· Next Goals: Permanent Space Lab, and Moon
· Chinese Benefit from Space Technology
· First 'Space Silkworm' Experiment Successful
· Chinese Company Bids for Galileo Operation Franchise
· Shanghai Builds New Space Base
· China Launches 22nd Experimental Satellite
· China Opens First Lunar Probe Engineering Center
· China to Launch Lunar Probe Satellite in 2007
· China Ambitious for More in Aerospace
· Nation Inks Three More Galileo Contracts
· Women Astronauts Set to Fly by 2010
· Great Wall to Launch Satellite for Nigeria
· China Urges Prevention of Arms Race in Outer Space
· China Completed Simulation Test for Lunar Probe Program
· Galileo Projects Announced
· Laser Altimeter Developed for Lunar Orbiter
· 'Chang'e 1' Program Goes on Smoothly
· Blast off for Southeastern Space Base
· China to Export First Chinese Satellite
· AsiaSat-6 Launched
· China to Establish Moon Base with Other Countries
· Seven Astronomical Projects to Explore Space Mysteries
· Nation's Lunar-rover Revealed
· Shanghai to Be 'Spaceflight Kingdom'
· China Establishes 1st Space Trash Observation Center
· China Designates Galileo Project Firm
· Time Needed for Chinese Women into Space
· Space Tourism Firm Extends Business to China
· China, Brazil Work on Prototype of Earth Resources Satellites
· Shanghai Plans 1 Billion Yuan Space City
· Spinach&Space Among 2004's Great Leaps Forward

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