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1. Political relations

China and Zambia established diplomatic relations on October 29, 1964. Bilateral relations between the two countries have since seen a smooth development.

During the period of President Kaunda (1964~1991), China provided active support to the Zambian government in its efforts to consolidate political independence and struggle against western colonialist control. With the well-known Tanzania-Zambia Railway (Tazara) built with Chinese assistance, which becomes a monument of friendship between China and Zambia and even between China and Africa, Sino-Zambian relations have been enhanced ever since. President Kaunda visited China four times before 1990.

Since the Movement for Multi-party Democracy came to power in 1991, Sino-Zambian relations have made a further development. The two countries have strengthened bilateral economic cooperation under the new situation, and have achieved outstanding results. Friendly political relations between the two countries have also been further consolidated. The Zambian leaders see China as an "all-weather friend that can be reliable".

The leaders of China who visited Zambia in recent years are as follows: Vice Premier Zhu Rongji (1995), State Councilor and the Secretary General of the State Council Luo Gan (1996), Premier Li Peng (1997), Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Chen Jinhua (1998), Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan (1999) and Chairman Li Ruihuan of the CPPCC(2003).

The leaders of Zambiawho visited China in recent years are as follows: President Chiluba (1993, 2000), Vice President Miyanda (1995), Foreign Minister Walubita (1998), Defense Minister Sampa (1998), and Procurator -General Mutale(2001).

2. Trade relations and economic and technical cooperation

China and Zambia have signed several bilateral or multilateral trade agreements and agreements on economic and technical cooperation. Since 1967, China has undertaken 35 aid-projects such as Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA), roads, maize flour factory, textile mill, well and water supply, etc. Of the projects, 33 have been completed. Two projects are still underway. They are the renewal of equipments of the Mulungushi Textile Mill, and the renovation of the main building of the government office complex.

New forms of cooperation of mutual benefit between China and Zambia have been explored in recent years, which have achieved substantial progress. In 1996, the two sides started the joint management of Mulungushi Textile Mill, which was built with Chinese aid in 1982, thus increasing its profits considerably. In 1997, the Bank of China opened its Zambian branch, which was the first branch opened by the bank in the sub-Saharan region. In the same year, the China Investment and Trade Developing Center was set up in Zambia. In 1998, China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Construction Co. (Group) bought the Zambian Chambishi Copper Mine for US$ 20 million. The Mine started operation in July 2000. The Investment and Trade Developing Center opened business in June 2001. Bilateral trade volume between the two countries in 2002 reached US$ 83.247 million, of which Chinese export reached US$ 46.056 million, and import US$ 37.191 million.

3. Exchanges in the field of culture, education and health

Since 1978, China has admitted in all 180 Zambian students. 57 Zambian students were studying in China in 2002. China began to send teachers to work in the University of Zambia in 1992 and 3 Chinese teachers are currently working there. Since 1978, China has sent medical teams to Zambia as a form of aid. Currently, there are 31 Chinese medical personnel working in Zambia.

The city of Luzhou of Southwest China 's Sichuan Province has established sister-city relations with the city of Kabwe of Zambia.

(Chinese Foreign Ministry October 10, 2006)

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