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1. Political relation

China and Rwanda established diplomatic relations on November 12, 1971and since then the friendly and cooperation relations saw a favorable development between the two countries.

Chinese leaders and officials who visited Rwanda include: Geng Baio, Vice-premier of the State Council (October 1978), Rong Yiren, Vice-chairman of the NPC standing committee (January, 1985), Qi Huaiyuan, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (June 1987), Qian Zhengying, Vice-chairperson of the NPPCC (July 1988), Yang Fuchang, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (August 1990), Qian Qichen, Member of the State Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs (January 1993), Ji Peiding, Assistant to Minister of Foreign Affairs (January 1996), Wang Guangya, Vice-minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (February 2000), Xu Jilu, Vice-chairman of the NPC (May 2001) and Gu Xiulian, Vice-chairwoman of All China Women's Federation (March 2002).

Leaders and Officials from Rwanda who visited China include: Augustin Munyaneza, Minister of International Cooperation (June 1972), Colonel Nskalije Aloys, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (August 1974), Juvenal Habyarimana, President (June 1978, May 1983), François Ngarukiyintwari, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (March 1980, January 1983 and May 1988), Ntahobari Maurice, Speaker of the National Development Assembly (August 1983), Joseph Kavaruganda, President of the Highest Court (April 1989), Casimir Bizimungu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (November 1991), Paul Kagame, Vice-president and concurrently minister of national defence (March 1995), Pasteur Bizimungu, President (June 1996), Nkusi Juvénal, Speaker of the National Assembly (September, 1996), Gasana Ndoba, Chairman of National Association for Human Rights (December 1999) and Paul Kagame, President (November 2001).

Invited by the Chinese government André Bumaya, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Céléstin Kabanda, State Secretary in charge of Finance and Economic Planning headed a delegation to attend the Beijing Ministerial Meeting 2000 of the Sino-African Cooperation Forum.

2. Bilateral economy and trade relations and economic and technological cooperation

The two governments of China and Rwanda have signed eight agreements respectively in 1972, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1991, 1996, 2000 and 2001 for economic and technological cooperation. In May 1983, the two countries signed an agreement on setting up a mixed commission for economy and trade cooperation and also decided to hold four meetings of the mix commission respectively in October, 1985, May 1988, July 1991 and May 2000 in Kigaliand Beijing.

Up to 2001, the sets of project that China provided for the aid of Rwanda include: paddy-rice transplantation, sugar-refinery, Kigli/ highway and reclamation of rice-paddy at, cement plant, Stadium, sportsmen's dormitory, Agro-veterinary school at, hospital expansion project at Kibongo and sewing workshop, etc. Beginning from December 1981, China started to carry out workforce undertaking projects, focusing on mutual cooperation with the four Chinese companies for road & bridge, hydropower, civil-engineering and construction materials setting up their offices in Rwanda. Except the project undertaking, established there are still the other four joint-venture companies for buildings, enamels, clay-products and paddy-rice. The cement plant at/aided by China for Rwanda is now managed by Chinese company on Rwanda's behalf. In 1972, the two governments signed a trade agreement, stipulating that the bilateral trade would be on cash payment basis. The year of 2002 saw the trade value of the two countries came to US$ 9.05 million, of which the Chinese export took up US$ 3.86 million, and import was US$ 5.19 million. The major export products from China are textile goods, light industry articles, agricultural tools, small metal goods, and ferrous metals, etc. the major imports from Rwanda include niobium & tantalum ore, paulownia logs.

3. Other exchanges

In February, the two governments of China and Rwanda signed a working protocol for China to send medical team to work in Rwanda, and afterwards China sent seven batches of medical personnel to work in Rwanda. There are 12 medical workers working there for the moment. In April 1999, the cultural delegation of the Rwanda government headed by François Ngarambe, Minister of youth, sports and culture paid a visit to China. In June the same year, the Chinese Chengdu Puppet Show Troupe paid a visit to Kigaliand Butare and performed there. In October, the Rwanda Song and Dance Ensemble came to China participating in the "International Folk Song and Dances 1999" activities held by China. In November 2001, the Rwanda National Artistic Troupe came to China for visit and performance. The same month, Angeline Muganza, Minister for promotion of women's work of Rwanda visited China. Starting from 1976, every year China provided Rwanda with some scholarship in such aspects as science and technology, agriculture, water-conservancy, building engineering, chemical and textile industries and up to now there are a total of 36 students studying in China. In July 1978, the Chinese Military Friendship Delegation headed by Chi Haotian, Deputy Chief of the General Staff paid a visit to Rwanda. In September 1979, Colonel Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Rwanda armed forces visited China. In June 1982, the Chinese military delegation headed by Han Huaizhi, Assistant to Chief of the General Staff paid a visit to Rwanda. In February 2002, the Chinese Delegation of the Ministry of National Defence paid a visit to Rwanda, and in September that year the Chinese Delegation for Guangcai Undertakings headed by Huang Mengfu, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Industry and Commerce Association paid a visit to Rwanda.

4. Important bilateral agreement

Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Rwanda.

In accordance with the interests and wishes of the two countries the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Rwanda decided to establish diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level as on November 12, 1971.

The government of the People's Republic of China firmly supports the government of the Republic of Rwanda in fighting against the neo-colonialism, maintaining national independence and sovereignty, and the government in carrying out policy of peaceful cooperation among the peoples of various countries.

(Chinese Foreign Ministry October 10, 2006)

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