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1. Political relations

The People's Republic of China and the Republic of Guinea established the diplomatic relations on October 14, 1959. The Republic of Guinea is an African country, the first one to the south of the Sahara Desert to have established diplomatic relations with China. And since the establishment of the relations it has seen a smooth development of the relations between the two countries.

Chinese leaders and officials who visited Guinea mainly include: Zhou Enlai, Premier of the State Council (January 1964), Chen Yi, Vice-premier and concurrently Minister of Foreign Affairs (September 1965), Geng Biao, Vice-premier of the State Council (October 1978), Huang Hua, Vice-premier and concurrently Minister of Foreign Affairs ( November 1981), Zhao Ziyang, Premier of the State Council (December 1982), Qian Qichen, Member of the State Council and concurrently Foreign Minister (January 1992), Li Lanqing, Vice-premier (November 1995), Tang Jiaxuan, Minister of Foreign Affairs (June 1998), Chen Jinhua, Vice-chairman of the NPC (July 2000), etc.

Leaders and officials who visited China from Guinea mainly include: Sekou Toure, President of Guinea (September 1960 and May 1980), Lansana Conte, President of Guinea (July 1988 and June 1996), Michel Kamano, President of Economic and Social Council (March 2000).

2. Economy and trade and economic and technological cooperation

Since the establishment of the diplomatic relations, China has provided Guinea with the aid in the construction of the People's Palace, Hydropower Station at Kinkon and Tinkisso, Freedom Cinema, President Office Mansions and so on. The Chinese companies entered the Guinea workforce market in 1985. In January 1997, the two parties of China and Guinea signed a project for cooperative development of agriculture and signed an agreement for setting up a farm at Koba.

In September 1960, China and Guinea signed an agreement on trade and payment. In July 1988, the two sides signed a new trade agreement. The main exports from China to Guinea mainly include: grain and textile and light industry goods, as well as mechanic and electric products while the main imported commodities include logs and cotton, etc. The year of 2002 witnessed the trade value between the two countries to reach US$ 54.91 million, of which the Chinese export took up US$ 43.38 million while the import was US$ 11.53 million.

3. Exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, education, medical work and military affairs

In October 1959, China and Guinea signed agreement for cultural cooperation.

In October 1999, the Sichuan Artistic Performing Troupe went to perform in Guinea.

In August 2000, Abdel Kader Sangare, Minister in charge of youth, sports and culture paid a visit to China.

In 1973, China began to accept students from Guinea to study in China and up to 2002, there are 46 Guinean students studying in China.

In December 1967, China and Guinea signed the protocol for China to dispatch medical team to work in Guinea and China began to send it in June 1968. Up to now, the total medical team sent by China came to 18 batches consisting of 537 person/times in total. In 2002, there are 14 medical personnel working in Guinea.

The military cooperation between China and Guinea was started in 1961. The cooperation was once suspended after 1982. The military cooperation was restored in 1992. In April that year Abdourahamane Diallo, Guinean Minister of National Defence visited China for three consecutive times in April and November that year, and in April next year). In September 1999, Colonel Ibrahima Diallo, Chief of the General Staff visited China. In October 2000, Lieutenant Colonel Toure, Director of the office of Guinean Ministry of National Defence visited China.

The visits from the Chinese side to Guinea include: General Liu Jingsong, Commander of Lanzhou Military Zone (July 1995), General Zhou Kunren, Political Commissar of the General Logistics Department (July 2000), Major General Jiang Puming, Director for Foreign Training Department of the University of National Defence (April 2001) and General Chen Bingde, Commander of Jinan Military Zone (June 2002).

4. Important agreement and document

On September 28, 1959, entrusted by Sekou Toure, Guinean President came to Beijing, participating the 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China. On October 10, Chen Yi, Vice-premier and concurrently minister of foreign affairs had a talk with Toure, the two sides agreeing unanimously for the establishment of the diplomatic relations, sending ambassador to each other's side and issuing the joint communiqué. The joint communiqué was broadcast the same evening and published in the paper of the fifth of October. The Content of the communiqué runs as follows:

The Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Guinea.

The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Republic of Guinea have decided to establish the diplomatic relations and send to each other foreign representatives at the ambassadorial level.

(Chinese Foreign Ministry October 10, 2006)





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