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Complaints (Exports)
· China to Tighten Control on Textile Export Quotas
· EU Rules Dim Lights on Exports
· Shoemakers to Speak at EU Anti-dumping Hearing
· US Anti-dumping Tariffs Target Paper Products
· Bush Rejects Request for Quotas on Chinese Steel
· Footwear Exporters Warned to Watch Step
· Canadian Furniture Firms Moan About Imports
· Laminate Flooring Sales to US Suffering from Lawsuit
· Shoemakers Feel the Pinch over Dumping
· Home Appliance Exporters Face New Barriers
· US Caution Urged on Textile Issue
· EU: No to China-made Trousers Shipped from July 12
· EU Dumping Charges Target Digital Discs
· Eyewear Suppliers Win Anti-dumping Lawsuit in Argentina
· Firm Gets EU Market Economy Treatment
· Turkey's WTO Proposal Unacceptable
· Anti-dumping Investigation on Chinese Shoes Opposed
· EU Rejects Calls for China Textile Curbs
· Chinese Tissue Paper Producers Face Dumping Duties
· 16 Textile Producers Win EU Market Economy Status
· Final US Shrimp Ruling Published
· Zhejiang Suffers from Shrimp Duty
· Shrimp Trade with US Hindered
· Chinese Furniture Facing High Duties in US
· US Slaps Tariffs up to 198% on Chinese Furniture
· US Accuses China of Dumping Plastic Bags
· US Trade Panel OKs Chinese Furniture Duties
· Autoglass Maker Defeats US Dumping Ruling
· US Team Comes to Check TV Costs
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