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Admiral Zheng He (1371-1433)
Singapore Recreates Longyamen to Commemorate Zheng He's Epic Voyages
600-year-old Ancient Warship Found in Shandong
Zheng He Anniversary Harvests Peace, Prosperity
New Zheng He Temple Unveiled in Semarang
Zheng He's Spirit Highlighted in Semarang
Beijing Hosts 22nd Int'l Congress of Science History
TV Program on Ancient Chinese Navigator to Be Shown
New Zheng He Temple Opens in Indonesia
7th Int'l Sand Sculpture Festival to Be Held in East China
Zheng He Anniversary Highlights Peaceful Growth
Anniversary Highlights Peaceful Growth
Zheng He: A Peaceful Mariner and Diplomat
Marine Expo Commemorates Great Voyager
Exhibition Salutes Zheng He Exploits
Malaysian PM Unveils Zheng He Exhibition
Village Opens to Mark Epic Voyages
Ancient Overseas Letter Worth US$24,390
Stamps Issued to Commemorate Zheng He
Shanghai to Hold Zheng He Ocean Voyage Exhibition
'Treasure Ship' Park in Nanjing
Zheng He's Voyage Commemorated
Ship Sails Historical Mariner's Trail
Southeast China Rediscovers Its Marine Culture
July 11 Set as Maritime Day
Commemorative Stamps Marking Navigator Zheng He to Be Issued
Indonesian City to Commemorate Zheng He
Ship to Navigate 'Maritime Silk Road'
Seminar Held to Commemorate Ancient Seafaring Hero
Sailor Sails to Duplicate Zheng's Route
First Zheng He Temple in Mainland Found in Xiamen
Explorer's 600th Anniversary to Be Honored
China Solicits Logo to Commemorate Sea Navigation Pioneer
The Mystery of Zheng He's Boat
Odyssey Modeled on Ancient Oceanic Trip
Ancient Sea Voyager Commemorated
Quanzhou Celebrates Zheng He's Voyages
Shanghai Mayor Attends the Zheng He Ocean Voyages Exhibition & International Marine Expo
Stamps Issured by Macao Post
The Stamp Booklet Features Zheng He's Mighty Fleet.
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