Gov't Briefings
Press conference by 4 government departments on current situation of dealing with the snow and issues concerned with safeguarding power supplies.
SCIO Notices to the Press
- Feb 19: Influence of the icy-rain, snowstorms on forestry
Central Government
- National committee set up for educational inspecton
- Farm subsidies to help post-disaster reconstruction
- Leaders attend Lantern Festival party
- Farming losing its appeal
- New rules on payouts in IPR cases
Local Governments
- Visitors to Olympics urged to get permits
- Sex photos a hot buy in Guangzhou
- Commuters called to give up bus seats
- New bins for sorting waste
- Yunnan vows to strengthen NGO cooperation
- Guo Jinlong elected mayor of Beijing
- China appoints new officials of top state academies
- Qin Guangrong re-elected governor of Yunnan
- Huang Huahua re-elected governor of Guangdong
- Lin Shusen reelected governor of Guizhou