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Notices to the Press
Feb 19: Influence of the icy-rain, snowstorms on forestry
Feb 14: Achievements made in disaster relief work
Feb 1: Current situation on dealing with the snow
Jan. 31: Current agricultural policy of consolidating infrastructure
Jan. 24: The national economic performance in 2007
Jan. 22: Investigation results of several accidents
Jan. 14: National special rectifications on product quality and food safety
Jan. 8: Latest development of special campaign of the national agri-product quality and safety control
Dec. 27: China to face the world with more openness
Dec. 18: Plan for national trunk roads of five North-Souths and seven East-West lines and its implementation
Dec. 4: Roles and targets of forestry in promoting a conservation culture
Dec. 3: National special rectification action of drug safety
Nov. 29: Energy conservation and pollution reduction
Nov. 27: Three Gorges Project construction & its ecological and environmental Protection
Oct. 29: The latest development of the agriculture product quality and safety special rectification campaign
Oct. 28: The drafts reviewed at the 30th Session of the 10th NPC Standing Committee
Oct. 25: The national economic performance in the first 3quarters
Sept. 27: Development of China's high-tech industry
Sept. 25: Int'l exchanges of the CPC
Sept. 24: Rectification of agricultural products quality and safety
Sept. 18: Special Nationwide Campaign on Food Safety, Product Quality
Sept. 17: 100-Day Campaign for National Land Law Enforcement
Sept. 14: Progress of China-ASEAN Economic Cooperation
Sept. 13: Developing Modern Agriculture, Boosting Rural Incomes
Sept. 12: Gov't Support Policies on Poor Students
Sept. 6: Preparatory work for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games
Sept. 4: Planning for Renewable Energy Development
Sept. 4: Prices of Pork and Other Non-Staple Food
Aug. 29: Progress on Financial Services
Aug. 30: The Drafts Examined During the 29th Session of the 10th NPC Standing Committee
Aug. 27: Measures to Strengthen Product Quality and Food Safety
Aug. 23: Current Chinese-American Economic and Trade Relations
Aug. 23: Introduction to 2007 China (Qufu) International Confucius Cultural Festival
Aug. 22: Natural Disaster & Social Relief for the Poor
Aug. 20: Northern Region Revitalization Program
Aug. 15: Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Residents
Aug. 6: Latest Developments of Beijing Olympic Games Preparations
Aug. 2: Work of Inspection Tour of the Communist Party of China
July 31: Preparations of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China
July 25: Regional Autonomy of Ethnic Minorities in Inner Mongolia
July 20: Chinese Product Quality and Food Safety
July 19: National Economic Performance in the First Half of 2007
July 17: Efforts & Achievements of Chinese Forestry in Mitigating Climate Change
July 12: Energy Consumption per Unit of GDP in 2006
July 12: Implementation & Progress of the State Land Inspection System
June 26: Water Transport Development Policies
June 20: Economic & Social Development in Tibet
June 12: Protect Consumers' Legitimate Rights & Interests
June 7: ASEM SMEs Ministerial Meeting
June 5: Report on the State of the Environment in China
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