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South Korea Says...

- S Korea: denuclearization to continue even without joint document
- S Korea: Six-party talks close to reaching agreement
- S Korea calls for discussion on specifics of nuclear disablement, declaration
- S Korea: six parties to discuss nukclear declaration, disablement
- First-day talks to review reports of working groups: S Korea
- S Korea anticipates unexpected difficulties in following steps
- S Korea: Talks to Extend to Friday Morning
- S Korea: N Korea 'Practical and Realistic' in Nuclear Talks
- Chun: N Korean Funds Issue Not Resolved Yet
- Technical Problems Key to Next Step of 6-Party Talks
- Frozen Fund Conundrum Could Be Solved Soon
- No Difference on Understanding of 'Disablement'
- Obstacle to Progress of 6-Party Talks Removed
- N Korea Urged to Shut Nuclear Facilities
- S Korea: Frozen N Korean Funds Expected to Be Resolved Soon
- Frozen N Korea Funds Expected to Be Resolved Soon
- N Korea Has Started Preparations for Closing Nuclear Facilities
- S Korea Agrees to Provide 50,000 Tons of Heavy Oil to Pyongyang
- Six-Party Talks: Working Group Discusses N. Korea Aid
- S Korean Chief Negotiator Arrives to Discuss Nuclear Issue

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