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In the late 1970s, China began to widely implement a family planning and population control policy, advocating one child for one couple, with the aim of curbing the rapid population growth. But in Tibet, the Central Government has encouraged the autonomous regional government to adopt a policy of improving the quality of population while increasing the population of Tibetan and other ethnic minorities. The region's government has introduced special policies in accordance with the local conditions. The one-child policy has been applied only to Han officials and workers working in Tibet, while Tibetan officials and workers are not required to follow the birth control policy.


In 1984, the regional government began to advocate family planning among the ethnic Tibetan officials, workers and urban residents, encouraging couples wanting a second child to delay doing so. Currently, those practicing family planning make up 12 percent of the total population. The family planning work has been carried out on a voluntary basis. Forced abortion in any form is prohibited. Farmers and herders, who account for 88 percent of the region's total population, are not subject to family planning policies. But they do receive education in scientific contraception methods, rational arrangements for birth and sound child rearing, so as to protect mothers and infants' health and raise the quality of population. In addition, government health departments offer safe, reliable health service to farmers and herders who voluntarily request assistance in birth control.

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