Move to Break Away Dangerous
Premier Wen Accepts CNN's Interview
Chen's Move Benefits Neither China Nor US
Bush Says He Opposes Referendum on Taiwan
Democracy No Excuse for Separatism
Chen Changes Tack over Vote
Defensive Referendum Manipulates Democracy
Wen Warns Taiwan Not to Misuse Democracy
Commentary: 'One China' Will Be Defended at All Costs
US Balances Two-faced Stance
Cross-strait Cooperation on Bone Marrow Transplants Strengthened
Talks to Focus on Trade and Taiwan
US Actions Spur on Taiwan Separatists
Taiwan Leader Is to Blame if War Breaks Out
Referendum Is a Dangerous Siren Song
US Urged to Strictly Adhere to Commitment on Taiwan
US Opposes Any Referendum Toward Taiwan Independence
Taiwan Referendum Criticized
Taiwan Bill Threatens Cross-Straits Ties
Referendum Is a Double-edged Sword
Beijing Censures Passing of Referendum Law
Cairo Declaration Sets Legal Basis for Taiwan as Part of China: Expert
A Vote Too Far
Referendum Issue Still Needs Close Attention
Chen Turns a Blind Eye to Historical Facts
Validity of Cairo Declaration on Taiwan's Status Indisputable
Taiwan Passes Watered-down Referendum Bill
US Cautions Taipei Separatists
Mainland Willing to Consult Taiwan on Chartered Flight
Taiwan Warned of Grave Consequence of Independence
Powell Reiterates 'One-China Policy'
US Urged Not to Send Wrong Signal to Taiwan Separatists
Taiwan Lacks Sincerity over Flight Plan
Death Penalty for Human Smuggler
Premier Wen Presses US on Taiwan, Trade
Mainland Warns Chen Shui-bian of Bottom Line
US Underestimates Damage by Chen's Independence Bid
FM Spokesman on US Official's Taiwan-related Remarks
Pro-separatists' Move Risky
Taiwan Cuts Short Mainland Delegation Visit
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