Germany Opposed to Taiwan's Referendum
Overseas Chinese Condemn Chen's 'Taiwan Independence'
Chen's 'Referendum' Provocative
Flight Opens Between Shenzhen and Taipei
Premier: Mainland Will Never Allow Anyone to Split Taiwan
China Appreciates Bangladesh's Adherence to One-China Policy
NPC Spokesman Slams Taiwan 'Referendum'
Jia Qinglin Reiterates One-China Principle
China, Vanuatu Reiterate One-China Policy
Powell: No Support for Taiwan Independence
Overseas Chinese Criticize Referendum
Separatism Poses Grave National Threat
Taiwan Legal Circles Oppose Referendum
Another Bad Effort to Woo Wary Voters
Chen's Stand Hurts Economy
Taiwan Singular to Sino-US Ties
China Appreciates Spain's Adherence to One-China Policy
Spain Continues to Support One-China Principle
Cornered Chen Plays Peace Card
Taiwan Authorities Distort Uprising of 1947 for Own Ends
Forked Tongue Forked Tongue
IPOs of Taiwanese Firms Welcomed
Lau Urged To Clarify Her Stance on Taiwan
Taiwan Referendum Condemned
Taiwan's 1947 Patriotic Uprising Remembered
Non-Communist Party Calls for Unity Across Taiwan Straits
Casting Votes for Peace Across Taiwan Straits
Macedonia's Stance on Taiwan Commended
Powell: US Is Not Supportive of Taiwan "Referendum"
Spokesman on Air Route for Businessmen to Return to Taiwan
Chen's Scheme 'Cheats the Public'
Mainland Simplifies Procedures for Commuters Across Taiwan Strait
Mainland Won't Get Involved in Taiwan's Election: Spokesperson
Chen Shui-bian's Cross-Strait Framework Assertion Deceitful
Sino-US Defense Officials Hold Talks
Mainland Willing to Cooperate with Taiwan on Curbing Bird Flu
PNG Opposes Taiwan's Referendum
Olive Branch an Illusion
Experts Rebuke Chen's 'Peace Moves' as Mere Hoax
Bitter Journey of Stowaways from Mainland to Taiwan
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