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The 21st Universiade Concludes!

Ukraine's Yerofeyeva Reaps 4 Titles in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Japanese and DPR Korean Win Half Marathon.

US Wins Gold Medal in Women's Basketball.

Russia Wins Men's Sabre Team Gold.

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Killian to Bring More Openness to FISU

Georges E. Killian, President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), has taken fancy to one of the best-selling books titled "Who Moved My Cheese".

After reading it, he purchased copies for his colleagues, encouraging them to read it and to apply its themes to the future of the FISU.

The best-seller is about two mice who have different attitudes towards a piece of cheese, conveying a message that people should not confine themselves to the convention.

"My understanding is that he (Killian) wants us to be reform- minded and keep abreast of the trends of the times," said Tai- Cheng Chen, FISU assessor.

His remarks came after Monday's meeting of the FISU general assembly where Killian told his colleagues that he would not just copy the style of his predecessor, the later Dr. Primo Nebiolo.

"My way of leading an international sports organization would be quite different from Nebiolo's," said Killian. "No two people ever administer an organization in the same way." He cited his experience as the President of the International Basketball Federation over an eight-year period, revealing that he would make the FISU a more open international sports body.

"It is imperative that you try to involve as many people as possible when formulating new policies and procedures," said Killian.

Some FISU members have welcomed the new frame-of-mind by Killian, thinking the president are more receptive to different ideas.

"Nebiolo is more conservative, more authoritive, but Killian is more accessible and more reform-minded,"Chen said.

But which style is better? It seems not the time to give a quick answer.

"Which is better, the future will tell,"said FISU honorary member Ronmark Walter of Sweden.

But one thing seems certain is that Killian will bring about changes about which the family of the university sports need not "feel anxious, afraid and even frighten". "The newly elected President of the International Olympic Committee in his travels around the world is stating to his memberships that his new ideas for change are not to create a revolution within the IOC, but an evolution,'" said Killian."I would like to echo the same statement in regards to FISU,"he added.

(Xinhua News Agency 08/21/2001)

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