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  Farmers Today
- Rural Residents Sign up for Healthcare Network En Masse
- Farmer's Income Is No Longer a Chicken Feed
- Party Chief Brings Tibet New Homes
- Life Changes as Telephone Rings in Border Villages
- Book Spotlights Farmers' Views on New Countryside
- Farmers Grow Steadily Richer
- Farmers Have Their Say on Countryside Construction
- More Aid for Farmers Called
- Farmers Follow International Standards in Agriculture
- Democracy Program 'a Success' in Rural Areas
- Urgent Calls for Garbage Management in W. China
- Cotton Imports Hurt Local Growers
- Supervised Governance by Able Persons
- State Grid to Extend Network in Countryside
- Thousands of Retail Shops to Benefit Shaanxi Villagers
- Farmers Suffer As Fakes Flood Rural Market
- Phone Firms Tapping into Rural Areas
- Farmers Yearn for Environment-friendly Countryside
- Farmers Voice Delight with Premier Wen's 'Gifts'
- More Farmers to Pay Less for Medicare, Education
- Farmland Shortage to Exceed 6.67 Mln Hectares by 2020
- Poor Region Benefits from 'New Socialist Countryside' Policy
- China Provides Better Medical Service for Farmers
- Farmers Expect Good News from Sessions
- Environment Challenges Rural Development
- Pension Plans Extended to Farmers
- Shaanxi Farmers Benefit from Rural Support Scheme
- Farmers in Guangdong to Get Old-age Pensions
- Farmers Adapt to Urban Life Under Redevelopment Plan
- Guangdong Reports Higher Income for Farmers
- Farmers' Income Rises by 6.2% in 2005
- 15 Mln Ex-farmers Employed in Jiangsu
- Tibet Sees 11.5% Growth in Farmers' Income
- Farmer Spends Fortune for His Movie Project
- Farmers Enjoy Drastic Tax Reduction
- Vice Premier Congratulates 96% of Villages Reached by Telephone
- Clean Energy Changes Life of People in Remote Regions
- Farmers in Shanghai Enjoy 10% Rise in Income
- Zhejiang Villages Have Street Cleaners
- Farmers' Income Gains on Robust Sales of Potatoes
- Grain Production Rises, Price Fall Hurts Farmers
- Farmers Become Ecology-conscious in Boosting Economy
- Farmers in Eastern China Live Better Life
- Rural Tax Reform Reduce Farmers' Burden in Hunan
- Henan Farmers' Thirst for Clean Water Quenched
- Millions of Farmers Receive Pensions
- Farmers Take to the Stage
- Zhejiang Farmers Elect Village Head
- First Chinese Farmer Receives State Innovation Award
- Farmers Go Online to Boost Rural Incomes
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