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Mapping out 11th Five-Year Guidelines
War on Poverty





  Agriculture Policies
- 4 Local Gov'ts Ordered to Protect Arable Land
- Energy-saving Potential Stressed in Countryside
- China Warns of Accidents in Agricultural Sector
- Farmers Must Get Subsides for Spring Ploughing
- Gov't Inspectors Take the Ax to Fake Farming Materials
- Farm Produce Safety Stressed
- Higher Grain Prices Boost Farmers' Revenues
- China to Send 20,000 Graduates to Work in Rural Areas
- China Increases Spring Ploughing Subsidy
- Vice Premier Calls for Preparation for Natural Disasters
- China Seeks to Strengthen Village Bank Network
- China to Invest 391.7 Bln Yuan in Agriculture
- Agricultural Ministry Wants Better, More Food
- Social Security System Extends to Rural Poor
- Modern Agriculture Development Stressed in Document
- Management Fees Scrapped for Rural Vendors
- More Large Distributors of Farming Materials Planned
- College Students Embark on "New Countryside" Construction
- Shanghai Makes New Effort to Lift Farmers' Status
- Gov't Increases Subsidies to Grain Growers
- Agriculture: Lifeblood of the Nation
- China's Legislature Abolishes Agricultural Tax
- China to Abolish Age-old Agricultural Tax
- Farmers Enjoy Drastic Tax Reduction
- China Vows to Take Better Care of Poor Farmers
- Stricter Rules on Farm Product Exports
- Government's US$160 Mln to Turn Farmers' Produce Online
- Bring Affordable Medical Service to Farmers
- Supreme Court Moves to Defend Farmers' Rights
- Rural Tax Reform Reduce Farmers' Burden in Hunan
- More Fiscal Support for Farmers
- More State Help for Landless Farmers
- Township Governments Face Role Shift
- Farming Policies Yield Rare Harvest
- Healthcare Umbrella to Cover Farmers
- Gov't Aims to Fatten Wallets of Farmers
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