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In 2004, Tibet possessed two State ecological exemplary zones and 15 nature reserves at or above autonomous regional level. These include seven State class nature reserves, covering a total area of 40.773 million hectares or 33.9 percent of the land total in Tibet.

Ten Major Nature Reserves in Tibet

Nature Reserve Set up in November 1993 and covering an area of 34,000 square km, it holds varieties of rare plants and animals, including nine kinds of animals subject to first class State protection, and 21 to second class State protection; as well as long-leaf dragon spruce and long-leaf pines, which are unique to the Qomolangma region.
Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon State Nature Reserve Named the Zangbo Grand Canyon State Nature Reserve on April 19, 1999, it covers an area of 9,600 square km.
Changtang State Class Nature Reserve Covering 367,000 square km, it is the largest of its kind in China and the world at large.
Mangkang Yangjin State Class Nature Reserv Covering 1,853 square km, it is home to 600-800 Yunnan golden monkeys out of the some 1,000 such monkeys known to exist in the world.
Bome Gangxiang Nature Reserve Covering 4600 hectares, it was set up to protect Dragon spruce and other rare plants.
Zayu Nature Reserve It is set up to protect sub-tropical evergreen broadleaf trees, sub-tropical rare animals and plants and Yunnan pines.
Nyingchi Bagyi Giant Cypress Nature Reserve Covering 6.67 hectares, it is home to giant cypress trees with the biggest being 2500 years old, measuring 50 meters high and 5.8 meters in circumference.
Nyingchi Tongqug Red-Spotted Antelope Nature Reserve Prior to 1973, none were known to be in the Tibet region: since then, a total of 1,500 have been confirmed and the nature reserve is set up to protect them.
Xainza Nature Reserve Covering some 40,000 square km, it was set up to protect black-necked cranes and other birds.
Rewoqe Changmaoling Nature Reserve Covering 637 square km, it protects close to 30 species of wildlife subject to TAR protection.

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