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Appendix-1 Administrative Division

The Tibet Autonomous Region exercises jurisdiction over one city and six prefectures, with one district under the city government, one county level city, 71 counties, one county-level port and one county-level special administrative area.


Administrative Division of the Tibet Autonomous Region


City (Prefecture)


Brief Introduction

Counties Under Jurisdiction (District Under City's Jurisdiction, County-level Cities, Ports and Special Administrative Area)

Lhasa City

Lhasa City

With a history of 1300 years and covering an area of 31,622 square km, Lhasa has a population of about 400,000. It was where the Dalai used to live. Of the six major monasteries of the Yellow Sect, three are located in Lhasa. I t is hence mentioned as a "holy land."

Chengguan District, Damxung, Doilungdeqen, Quxu, Maizhokunggar, Dagze, Nyemo, Lhunzhub

Xigaze Prefecture

Xigaze City

Centered around Xigaze City, the prefecture is the major agricultural area of the autonomous region. Xigaze is home to the Tashilhungpo Monastery, the resident monastery of the Penchen Erdeni. The city is some 200 km from Qomolangma, the highest peak in the world.

Xigaze City, Namling, Tingri, Bainang, Gyangze, Bainang, Sagya, Lhaze, Ngamring, Yadong, Nylam, Rinbung, Kangmar, Dinggye, Gyirong, Saga, Kamba, Xaitongmoin, Zhongba, Zham Port

Shannan Prefecture

Zetang Town

Center around Zetang Town, the prefecture is held as the cradle of the Tibetan race. It is home to the tombs of the Tubo Kings and Tibet's first monastery of Samye.

Nedong, Konggar, Lhunze, Nanggarze, Qonggyai, Sangri, Qusum, Coma, Chantang, Lhozhag, Gyaca, Co Nag

Qamdo Prefecture

Qamdo Town

Centered around Qamdo Town, the prefecture is neighbor of Sichuan Province. It is served by the Bamda Airport, and boasts the Karub Ruins of the New Stone Age.

Qamdo, Mangkam, Jomda, Konjo, Dengqen, Chagyab, Zogang, Riwoqe, Baxoi, Lhorong, Banbar

Nagqu Prefecture

Nagqu Town

Here is the major livestock breeding area of the autonomous region. It is also known as the Changtang Grasslands.

Nagqu, Xainza, Amdo, Biru, Bangoin, Baqen, Jiali, Nyainrong, Nyima, Sog, Shuanghu Special Administrative Area

Ngari Prefecture

Shiquanhe Town

Centered around Shiquanhe Town, the prefecture is known for its fierce natural conditions. It is home to the ancient Zhangzhong Culture, the ruins of the Guge Kingdom, and holy mountains and holy lakes.

Burang, Gar, Gelgyai, Gyaize, Coqen, Zanda, Rutog

Nyingchi Prefecture

Bayi Town

Centered around Bayi Town, the prefecture features high mountains and dense forests and fruit trees. Its Basum (Conggo) Lake rivals scenery in Switzerland.

Nyingchi, Gongbo'gyamda, Mainling, Bome, Zayu, Medog, Nang

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