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What the World Is Doing
Blair calls for talks to produce practical measures    December 15
Medvedev calls for joint commitments for emissions cut    December 15
Australia should not give up on environment: Former PM    December 14
Climate change issue in Australia's national interest: Deputy PM    December 14
Climate Change Campaigners in Cambodia calls on world leaders with fair, ambitious deal    December 14
Australian children urge PM to stop climate change    December 14
New Zealand PM to attend Copenhagen conference    December 14
Nearly 1,000 climate protesters released    December 14
What's behind EU's "green" commitment    December 14
Expectations run high, core discussions underway    December 14
UN leaders call for new political will as meetings resume today    December 14
Australians demand urgent climate change action    December 13
Copenhagen rally urges 'real deal'    December 13
Italian protesters call for new climate policy    December 13
EU leaders fail to reach agreement on climate change funds    December 11
US should do more to fight climate change    December 11
Greenpeace urges EU summit to boost climate commitments    December 11
Africa group battles for common position    December 11
Kyoto Protocol will survive Copenhagen climate conference: De Boer    December 11
US rejects reparation for climate change    December 11
EU Parliament president calls for concrete decision on climate change    December 11
EU summit seeks funds to boost climate talks    December 11
Greenpeace urges rich countries to spend more money on climate financing    December 10
Soros proposes US$100 billion for developing nations' climate efforts    December 10
Experts insist science solid on warming    December 10
Singapore presents study on alternative energy    December 10
Greek children call for drastic measures against climate change    December 10
World leaders urged to strike binding deal against global warming    December 10
Mexico's largest cement company commits to tackling climate change    December 10
Africa to demand compensation at climate change summit    December 9
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