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The Long March was a strategic operation undertaken between 1934-36 by China's Red Army when being pursued by hordes of Kuomintang troops, moving its headquarters and forces along the Yangtze River to Shaanxi-Gansu Revolutionary Base.

On Oct. 10, 1934, around 86,000 troops, led by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), left Ruijin and Gucheng in Jiangxi Province on the Long March. On Oct. 22, 1936 the Fourth, Second and First Front Armies finally joined forces at Jiangtaibao in Jingning County of Gansu Province. This was the end of the Long March.
Commemorative Activities
Visitor Interest Stretches out Long March Show
Unprecedented interest from visitors has forced the organizer to extend an exhibition in memory of the Long March of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army led by the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 1934-36.
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· Long March Exhibition Ends in Beijing After Receiving 2 Mln Visitors
· Free Medical Check-up for Long March Veterans
· Former Leaders Visit Exhibition Marking 70th Anniversary of Long March
· Editorial hails 70th anniversary of Long March
· Vocal Concert Held to Mark 70th Anniversary of Long March
· Unseen Objects at March Exhibition
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Nov 25 – Dec 1 Battle over Xiangjiang River
Dec 12 Tongdao Meeting
Dec 18 Liping Meeting
Dec 31 Houchang Meeting
Jan 2 – 6 Crossing the Wujiang River
Jan 15 – 17 Zunyi Meeting
Jan – Apr Crossing the Chishui River Four Times
Feb 5 – 9 Zhaxi Meeting
May 3 – 9 Crossing the Jinsha River
May 12 Huili Meeting
End of May Crossing the Dadu River
May 27 Crossing the Luding Bridge
Jun 26 Lianghekou Meeting
Jul 21 – 22 Luhua Meeting
Aug 4 – 6 Shawo Meeting
Aug 20 Mao'ergai Meeting
Aug 29 Babso Battle
Sept 2 Baxi Meeting
Sept 12 Enlarged Meeting of the CPC Political Bureau at Ejie
Mid-Sept Conquering the Lazikou Pass
Sept 27 Bangluo Town Meeting
Oct 22 Wuqi Town Meeting
Nov 20 – 24 Zhiluo Town Battle
Feb 20 – May 5 Eastern Expedition
May 19 – Jul 27 Western Expedition

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Long March Sketches
Crossing the Xiangjiang River
Great Victory at Zunyi
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