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Three Gorges challenges to linger
The country will face serious challenges in managing the Three Gorges dam project after work on it ends next year, the official in charge of the project has said. 

- More help for new moms, disabled
- Bright outlook for graying population
- Sports equipment firm lands 6 Olympic golds
- Cultural roots need deeper protection
- Dam has 'not increased risk'
- Home prices to be part of performance
- Constitution guarantees citizens' freedom of speech
- Taiwan affairs official calls for law to tighten cross-Straits ties
- Tibetan Lawmakers add voices to condemnation against riot in Lhasa
- Financial support for SMEs pledged
- National mineral reserves to be set up to meet high demand
- Rural regions central to future growth, PC tycoon says
- Inflation pressure reflects 'Chinese characteristic' in economic growth
- Public services need to be fair, balanced
- Transparency key to R&D
- No traffic ban before July: Official
- Administration will 'integrate' transport
- Call for legislation on domestic violence
- Thoughts on better learning
- Woman, know thy rights and use them
- Nation is on the right path to more success
- Food imports to stay steady
- Governor calls for coal price rise
- Defense budget rise appropriate, necessary
- Members' proposals
- CPPCC members make their voices heard
- Private entities urged to invest in railways
- New group out to make a difference
- Utilitarian tendencies
- How to be heard
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- Netizens' views
- Netizens' views
- Debates prove nation on democracy path
- Netizens' views
- Focus is on Property Law
- Netizens' views
- Private info needs better protection
- Netizens' views
- Netizens' views
- China's move to ensure domestic grain supply benefits world
- Confidence booster
- Country's transport miracle
- Netizens' views
- Netizens say gov't report faces problems squarely
- Urban Chinese welcome promise of free education
- Hu's remarks on cross-Straits relations applauded
- Rights of women workers
- Building a world of peace and prosperity
- Top marks for report
- Lessons in Chinese democracy
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- Protection of information
- Change and continuity
- Substance without all the sparks
- New plan keeps media swarms in order
- New minister knows power of culture
- Younger team comes to the fore
- Hu gets to grips with the key issues
- Plain-spoken man of the 'mass line'
- Always ready to take on a challenge
- Xi well aware of needs of the grassroots
- Problem of teachers
- A university for the poor
- Sharing of water
- People's Daily hails CPPCC role in socialist democracy
- Maturing mode of 'deliberative democracy'
- Inside view through eyes of the outsiders
- Mobile phones make politics more accessible for ordinary Chinese
- It's been a long journey, but they've finally arrived
- Harmony the best policy
- Ministry of Railways overrates its performance
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House price 'turning point' theory contested
Gov't reshuffle not aimed at shedding civil service jobs
Chen Wenfu: the priority is to teach farmers how to cultivate super rice
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- Chinese parliament stamps on premier's cabinet nominations
- Wen Jiabao - Premeir of the State Council
Environment & Energy
- Ministry to give more weight to green issues
- Majority of Chinese aware of environmental importance
China's Economy
- CPI to remain high before easing in 2nd half
- China's exports to grow steadily, minister says
Institutional Reshuffle
- Gov't reshuffle not aimed at shedding civil service jobs
- China forms new Cabinet, including 5 super ministers
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