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China's rise opportunity for world
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By Lin Li

The so-called "threat of China" is a misinterpretation of the development of China, said Lionel Vairon, CEO of the CEC Consulting and a former French diplomat.

Lionel Vairon (R), CEO of the CEC Consulting and a former French diplomat, poses for a photo before the interview with Xinhuanet on May 11, 2009 in Beijing. [Xinhuanet] 

"My view on China's development is very simple, namely, that the rise of China is an opportunity for the world," added Vairon, also the author of "Threat of China?" during an exclusive interview with Xinhuanet Monday.

He added, "In fact, the west probably did not realize this before 2008 during which they still saw China as a 'problem'."

"However, presently, influenced by the global financial crisis, (some western countries) believe like what an English newspaper said yesterday that 'China is the beacon of hope.'"

Explaining that China's economic growth is "an important factor" for the development of the West, he said, "The current economic situation in China is not bad, so the growth of China's economy means that we have a hope to recover (from the financial crisis)."

Vairon suggested western countries to pay closer attention to what China thinks. "We have to be careful about what China says."

"Before, the west concerned little about China's view as they thought China is a developing country, and it, as a member of the United Nations Security Council, only approved resolutions but not negotiated with others."

"However, we know that China is very important for the whole international community, especially economically," he stressed.

"The west is happy to see that China is going to lead multi-growth for the next coming years, but also they would be afraid because China is a 'danger' in a way," said Vairon.

To avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, he called on the west and China to strengthen communications and exchanges. "So we have to enhance communication to try to get closer politically and economically, to understand each other, to understand China is not to use its power to conquer the world, which is the basic fear of the west."

(Xinhua News Agency May 13, 2009)

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