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Chinese allegories Lesson 18
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Chinese allegories

Two-part allegorical saying (of which the first part, always stated, is descriptive, while the second part, often unstated, carries the message)

kŏng fū zǐ jiāo sān zì jīng – mái mò rén cái
孔夫子教《三字经》 – 埋没人才
Confucius teaches Three Character Classic or Three Character Primer. (The Three Character Classic refers to a three character textbook for beginners, which is said to be compiled by Wang Yinglin (王应麟) of the southern Song Dynasty.) – stifle real talents

lài há ma xiăng chī tiān é ròu – chī xīn wàng xiăng
癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉 – 痴心妄想
A toad lusting after a swan's flesh – crave for something one is not worthy of; have sheer illusion or wishful thinking

lăo hé shang kàn jià zhuang – xià bèi zi zài shuō
老和尚看嫁妆 – 下辈子再说
An old monk looks at the dowry – not for this lifetime but for the next

má bù shang xiù huā – dǐ zi tài chà
麻布上绣花 – 底子太差
Embroider on a piece of linen cloth – have a weak foundation

xiān huā chā zài niú fèn shang – zāo ta le
鲜花插在牛粪上 – 糟蹋了
Put a fresh flower in the cow dung – The flower is wasted; something beautiful is ruined if put together with something dirty or terrible.

jiăo tà liăng zhī chuán – zuǒ yòu wéi nán
脚踏两只船 – 左右为难
Straddle two boats; have a foot in either boat – be in a dilemma; be in a quandary

shí chén dà hăi – yăo wú yīn xùn
石沉大海 – 杳无音讯
A stone dropped into the sea – disappear forever; have absolutely no news about somebody

shā jī qŭ luăn – dé bù cháng shī
杀鸡取卵 – 得不偿失
Kill the hen to get the eggs – The loss outweighs the gain.

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