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- Chinese acrobatic show attracts Indian audience
- Chinese cultural event to be held in Turkey
- The Way to Wudang
- Overseas learners of Chinese top 40 million
- Traditional Chinese etiquette declining
- 11 Jamaican students receive Chinese scholarships
- Ancient art with a modern twist
- Original Chinese opera staged in Beijing
- The origins of Chinese language
- Taichi practiced in Canada

- China's terracotta soldiers revisit Sweden
- Young Chinese hunting for love on China's Valentine's Day
- Chinese acrobatic show kicks off in Nepal
- Foreign visitors experience Chinese 'Valentine's Day'
- Water Festival kicks off in China's Hainan Province
- Academics hail Confucius institutes as bridge of culture
- No need to fuss over Confucius Institutes
- The Official Mascots of the 16th Asian Games
- Head underground if you want to see real Beijing
- Mandarin or Cantonese: Where's the debate?

- Guoxue Cultural Festival promotes national learning
- Confucius Institutes open new doors for youngsters
- Sky-high prices push foreigners to suburbs
- China's education can step into world
- China-Indonesia Art Cultural Festival performed in Jakarta
- Love-themed paper-cutting artworks popular in E. China
- Mandarin more widely spoken in the US
- East and West cultures in composition
- Foreign au pairs part of the family
- French students learn Chinese acupuncture in Liaoning

- Israel to boost Chinese language teaching
- Officials head to Chinese classrooms
- UK students cross cultures at Chinese summer camp
- 80 American students attend 'Chinese Bridge' camp in Nanjing
- New Confucius Classroom launched in Melbourne
- Cut the craft: Yuxian Folk Art Festival
- Will Mandarin replace English in popularity?
- Qipao, Chinese Cheongsam
- Creating Beijing enamel art
- Longjing tea attracts UN Pavilion commissioner-general

- Chinese philharmonic performs at Salzburg Festival for first time
- Brazil sees potential in cultural cooperation with China
- Stage show captures old Beijing
- New summer camp for students from Russia
- Lao She's The Yellow Storm prepares to take to the stage in Taipei
- Expo working staff enjoy Chinese rural culture
- Regional dialect to continue at station
- Swiss student learns Mantis Boxing in Xi'an
- Food cultural festival held in Nanjing
- Learn Chinese and learn to get ahead

- The short march to my Chinese driver's license
- Blonde-haired Beijinger at home helping others cope
- French scholar finds view of 'lost generation'
- Chinese culture festival kicks off in Cuba
- Chinese, Ibero-American educators meet to promote Chinese teaching
- Int'l students get beds thanks to host plan
- Confucius Institute key for university to engage actively with China
- Foreign writers publish book series on cities of China
- 316 Confucius Institutes established worldwide
- Nation cracks down on exploitative cultural tourism

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