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- 5th China Xun Zi Cultural Festival kicks off in Shanxi
- Couples have date with destiny
- Exhibition of successor of Clay Figure Zhang held in Beijing
- Tens of thousands of Chinese love birds tie knot on 'perfect day'
- Chinese culture appeals to Mexicans
- Chinese schools hold exhibition to attract Japanese youths
- Artists perform tea art in Hangzhou
- Tai Chi masters the crowds in Wuhan
- Films reflect Eastern values
- Chinese vase sold for world record $32.4 mln in Sotheby's HK auction

- Ancient Chinese art and culture exhibited in Taipei
- Huang to make a man out of Mulan
- Knowledge of Chinese culture necessary for businessmen
- Enjoy the art of China's tea culture
- Art works presented in tourism products designing contest
- Peking Opera draws audience
- Chinese culture 'going abroad'
- 150,000 overseas students targeted for degree courses
- Chengdu in food frenzy
- Confucius' anniversary celebrated in Taipei

- Martial arts taught in Confucius Institute of Iran
- Chinese language attracts Pakistanis at China Culture Week
- Five years in China a totally sensory experience
- Cuisine adds taste to cultural exchanges
- Australia launches Confucius statue
- Students weak at Mandarin face delayed graduation
- Celebrating the moon
- Dance depicts Chinese marriage culture
- Chinese Cultural Festival held in Vancover
- Foreign diplomats take Chinese language learning program

- Cross-Strait Chinese Character Art Festival kicks off
- Acupuncture to get heritage designation
- Mid-Autumn opera show to be staged in Taipei
- 4th cucurbit cultural festival held in east China
- Palm computer for Chinese study to come to market
- Exhibition in honour of artist Wu Guanzhong held in E China
- Meeting Chinese emperor of Qing Dynasty in an intimate way
- Drunken Beauty toasts to fame
- 7th China Time-honored Brand Exposition held in Hangzhou
- Bike stunt team in Beijing

- First week campus life in China
- China's Forbidden City treasures to be exhibited in U.S.
- 'Confucius Cultural Week' held at UNESCO headquarters
- Foreign learners fly to schools
- Joint Conference of European Confucius Institutes opens in London
- DEVNET Pavilion displays more Chinese art
- Chinese bristling at census
- Reading into new local realities
- Oxford dictionary adds popular Chinese terms
- Culture stimulates Iranians to learn Chinese

- Dancing to the tune of harmony
- Amazing China rush
- Establishment of Shaolin Europe Association announced in Vienna
- Confucius descendant to donate family tree book to U.S.
- Interest in Chinese culture incentive for Iranians to learn Chinese
- Mooncakes await traditional Mid-Autumn Day
- 'Best time for Chinese books to reach out'
- Yunnan donates language lab to Confucius Institute of Bangladesh
- Establishing a Bond with Chinese writing
- Perfect answer to overcrowded Shaolin Temple

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