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Churches in Shanghai
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Xujiahui Cathedral



Xujiahui Cathedral is located on the south side of the bustling Xujiahui area of Shanghai. It is the largest cathedral in the city, and was once regarded as the most majestic catholic church in the Far East.  As a result, it is under city-level protection.

Designed by W.M. Dowdall, the cathedral was built in 1910 by the French Shanghai Construction Company for use by the Jesuits.

The building is 80 meters high and there are two 50 meter high bell towers on the north and south ends. The main aisle is home to a Parisian made Virgin Mary and the architectural design is that of a cross. Stained glass windows destroyed during the Cultural Revolution are currently being replaced.

The cathedral can hold 2500 worshippers.

Shanghai Community Church


 Shanghai Community Church (SCC) was built in 1925 to accommodate the Americans who made their homes along Hengshan Road. The road's notable greenery and location make it a popular residential locale among the foreign community to this day. The church is still clearly the neighborhood church.

SCC is made from wood and brick and is famous for the high standard of its choir. The Church, with its modern Gothic style has attracted many visitors including American president Jimmy Carter.

The church can accommodate 2000 worshippers.

Shanghai All Saints

Shanghai All Saints Church was built in 1925. It is a typical 17th century church with a wooden spire steeple and a main hall and side hall. The church also has a rose window and bell tower.

The main hall can seat 500 people while an attached house and the small hall can seat 1000 people.

John Allen Memorial Church

Constructed in 1923, the church was built to honor American missionary John Allen who passed away in 1907 at age 71.

Shanghai Moore Memorial

The original building was built in 1929 on the site of a former school, but in 1931 a Hungarian architect rebuilt it creating a striking red brick building. The same architect also designed the Park Hotel and Grand Cinema.

The church covers an area of 1347 square meters. Its interior is as beautiful as its exterior with rich-hued woodwork and stone arches.

Grace Church

Grace Church was built by the missionary Frank Rawlinson in 1910. Rawlinson himself came to a tragic end when he was shot down by Japanese troops in the invasion of 1937.

Covering an area of 2200 square meters, this red brick church has been in its current location after being moved in 1942. Previously it was located on Sichuan Road.

(synotrip.com December 13, 2008)

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